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Top Google Ads Expert Checklist to Absolutely Achieve your Campaigns’ Goals

Google ads, the leading digital marketing tool of today, were first introduced by Google as Google Adwords on 23 October 2000. Back in the day, Adwords offered a much more reserved spectrum of options than the ones Google ads offer today; however, it was a time when the Internet wasn’t in vogue as it is now nor was it a mandatory tool.

In a new millennium dominated by traditional media, Adwords offered a glimpse at what was to come, an imminent shift in the way businesses do business, how they approach their customer base & their target audiences, how they communicate with one & other — & most importantly — how life would be running in a digital age that wouldn’t break through to its full potential till a decade later.

Our Google Ads Expert Checklist to Achieve your Campaigns Goals 0

Nowadays, 19 years after the release of Adwords, Google ads have made over 116 billion dollars in revenue, & in almost two decades of active support to companies all over the globe, have proven to convert over 50% more effectively than organic traffic.

Furthermore, renamed Google ads early in 2019 as part of a rebranding strategy, Google ads are seen by over 90% of the platform’s users every single day. This, because the digital mammoth has created a system so sophisticated, that businesses of all budgets & sizes now have the possibility of making 2 dollars for every single they spend on this type of advertising.

It is also a well-known fact that Google ads are intricate, because they offer a targeting so sharp, that no other digital marketing tool has been able to come near their effectiveness; an average 200% ROI — as mentioned above — is something that can’t be achieved by just putting all peas in a pod.

But how can your business achieve the ultimate goal of making 2 dollars per every dollar it spends on Google ads?

The first thing that needs to be stated is that unlike 19 years ago when Adwords was an innovational option for enterprises who wished to appear avant-garde in front of their customer base, Google ads are a must of today. Not having your products or services announced on Google ads with a crisp & clean campaign — designed to give your people what they want to see, feel & think — is like trying to outrun a car with a horse; simply impossible & overall outrageous.

The internet is a place where all dreams come true, but it’s also a place with billions of dreams—so you got to have a very special dream, & a digital marketing specialist onboard your team to push it to the peak of the search rankings, where interested viewers can see it. So, is there really a checklist one can follow to achieve the aforementioned goal? Or is it a hit, miss & strike big kind of ordeal Google ads?

Our Google Ads Expert Checklist to Achieve your Campaigns Goals 02

Content Generation Specialist, Jillian Zacchia, observes that, though there are proven guidelines like in any other digital regard, Google ads are 90% creative & investment & 10% checklists—& she doesn’t mean money when she brings up investment.

“Google ads are both a feat & a rarity because you can follow a checklist & make it big or you can create your own & also be a chicken winner; creative is what defines the way you do it. If your copy is creative enough to break the molds & you invest time, dedication, & thought into analyzing the desires your audience metrics carry within’, you can really summon them up into a campaign with the right slogan, the right social proof, the right offering hook & therefore, the overall winning combination to clicking & converting.”

Google ads are not about how much budget you put into them, but about how you make the most of the budget you have in combination with the goods that you sell & the way you communicate with your targets. There’s also the fact that the place you take them (your target audience) to when they like what they see enough to click on it, has to be polished from start to finish; one out of four people leaves a page without converting if:

  • It’s poorly accommodated
  • Takes excessive time to load
  • It crashes & then reloads

Hard fact:

46% of people who go through this situation in a landing page give the page a negative reputation with their friends, while 44% of them develop an overall negative image of the whole company because of a single poor landing page experience.

“Creating a functional landing page is about presenting a sentiment that your audience will connect with. You have one page to build up enough trust to collect personal information from someone who in most cases   has had no interaction with your brand before,” adds Zacchia.

The overall conclusion is that, when it comes to innovation within’ Google ads, what didn’t work yesterday might work today & what didn’t work today might as well work someday, so nothing is to be put off the table.

Nonetheless, the elements that must be kept on your ‘Successful Google ads Checklist’, according to experts such as Jillian Zacchia, Jeff Baum, Neil Patel & Jon Morrow are:

  • Hiring or associating with a professional marketing agency; with the talent, tools & know-how of Google ads
  • A full-time agency specialist
  • Your keyword settings with help from Google’s Keyword Planner
  • Your keyword listings
  • Your keyword biddings
  • Your negative keywords listings
  • Your landing page design & set up
  • Your budget settings
  • Your keyword matching settings
  • Your placements
  • Your campaign copywriting
  • Your conversion metrics
  • Your connection & understanding of Google Analytics

Please note: copywriting, in this case, stands for the writing of your ad copy, not the registration, copyrighting or trademarking of any of your campaign copies, slogans or punchlines.

Also note that the assistance of a professional is not a whim or a pointless expense, as misstep money spending is one of the most common occurrences for those who decide to walk the ads path alone. 


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