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10 Things That Use Artificial Intelligence And You’ve Probably Never Realized It

I’m sure when you hear the words “artificial intelligence”, you immediately think of Hollywood’s sci-fi movies: robots taking over the world, complete mayhem, people freaking out, the end of the world getting closer, etc.

But this is quite far from the truth…

Artificial intelligence is really just a program or machine’s ability to learn and think for itself in such a way that it is capable of developing skills as it practices and gains experience.

Its purpose is none other than supporting and enhancing human activities.

According to a HubSpot survey conducted this year, 63% of people aren’t actually aware they use artificial intelligence technologies.

You may not have noticed that you use these types of technologies every single day either.

Since we want you to be ahead of the curve, we’ve made a compilation of some of the most popular apps that use artificial intelligence.

1. Siri

Siri is one of the most popular personal assistants and one of the best examples of speech recognition software available today.

It’s an app from the Apple company that is on all of their devices: the iPhone, iPad, and all Mac computers.

The program connects to your information (messages, calendar, music, reminders, mail, contacts, notes, etc.) automatically, and uses machine learning technology to learn and become “smarter”.

Using all that information, Siri can understand your commands and requests very easily.

Although the app isn’t foolproof, some of its features are very useful and amazing (others are even hilarious if you start playing with it).

 2. Gmail

Just like with Siri, Google’s email platform uses machine learning to stop unwanted email or spam from entering your inbox.

The system analyzes and learns from previous examples and makes the most accurate decisions it can, based on them.

This process protects the users from malware and prevents them from being the victim of suspicious and deceitful email.

Google also recently announced the incorporation of Smart Reply, a service that replies to emails as users do.

What this feature does is analyze all your previous conversations, paying specific attention to the way you respond, and generates a predictive algorithm that produces short answers and even some more complex ones.

Interesting, right?

3. Tesla

One of the Car Industry leaders, Tesla not only manufactures cars with flawless and gorgeous designs, but it has also created smart vehicles with predictive powers.

That’s why they’ve won so many awards.

One of their cars’ most unique features is the self-driving hardware, alongside a bunch of other high-tech innovations.

No wonder car enthusiasts are so excited.

But that’s not all. The automobile company’s system can receive over-the-air software updates, so their cars never stop getting smarter and more efficient.

4. Amazon

Amazon’s artificial intelligence has been around for a long time now…

The site’s predictions and suggestions have increased their sales massively.

Today, Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce players.

And over a third of their sales come from their recommendations.

As time goes by, their algorithms have become more and more sophisticated, accurate and useful.

This technology can find out what your preferences and shopping behaviors are with the most incredible precision.

Sometime in the future, they are planning to implement a shipping system that delivers products before you even request them or even know you need them.

Can you imagine?

For the time being, though, this project is still in a work in progress. But it clearly demonstrates the potential of artificial intelligence.

Amazon Marketshare

5. Google Now

Google Now is Google’s very own personal assistant.

You could say it’s Siri’s counterpart.

This app collects data from the various different Google services: Gmail, Google Maps, Search, YouTube, etc., to provide you with information it considers could be useful to you.

It might not be as effective or funny as its rival from Apple, but it delivers splendid results and does a fine job when it comes to simple tasks.

6. Netflix

This platform doesn’t need any kind of introduction, it’s the largest movie and television show company of its kind, ever.

We all know it’s the most popular content-on-demand service, but… have you ever wondered where all those suggestions and trends come from?

How does the app know your likes and dislikes?

Thanks to artificial intelligence, of course!

Thanks to its predictive technologies (like algorithms), Netflix analyzes hundreds of records so it can suggest movies, TV shows and documentaries similar to those you have seen and rated positively.

It also considers other aspects as well, like the time of day and what day it is, so it can you better content based on your consumption habits.

Just like the other apps we’ve mentioned, Netflix is constantly getting “smarter” as its database continues to expand.

Yes, that kind of large database analysis and processing is called Big Data.

7. Google Translate

Another of the most useful apps brought to us by Google is Google Translate.

We’re sure this multilingual teacher has helped you quickly check a word or phrase in a foreign language more than a couple times.

But yes, you’re right.

Google Translate translations are not always spot-on or perfectly translated, but it does improve the more we use it.

You might have come to the conclusion that it uses spelling and grammar rules to translate the text you provide.

Nope! It actually performs a statistical analysis of language patterns found within millions of translated documents.

This is only possible thanks to artificial intelligence…

The program is now even able to translate signaling, as well as images you focus on your smartphone camera.

And in just a couple of years, its results will be much more precise…

8. Facebook

You didn’t seriously believe the most popular social media platform in the world would lag behind for even a minute, did you?

AI is the reason Facebook can add attractive and relevant content to your News Feed, based on your preferences.

It does this by analyzing your behavior and engagement within the social media platform, making sense of your interactions (“likes”, “shares”, comments, etc.) and interests, so it can show you similar content.

Thanks to the number of people on Facebook, the platform has an enormous amount of data at its disposal.

It uses this data to conduct a thorough analysis and show you more content that might interest you.

Its algorithms are constantly being updated to improve the user experience.

Time Facebook

9. Google Maps

This app has changed the course of our lives (no pun intended), and it has turned us all into cab drivers.

I bet you don’t use a map of the city anymore, and the only one you need to thank for this is, none other than… artificial intelligence!

This navigation program uses algorithms to suggest the most convenient routes and means of transportation for you and your destination.

And like all other apps fed by artificial intelligence, the future of this navigator seems very promising.

Thanks to machine and deep learning, it will improve the driving experience through analyzing and testing extraordinary amounts of data.

10. Spotify

It’s one of the most distinguished music platforms for a reason.

Spotify is stirring up the way we listen to music.

This app uses AI to connect with its users, creating daily playlists or mixes, based on what you’ve been listening lately.

It also suggests new artists and albums that it thinks you might like.

And since it generates statistical summaries of all the activity from its users every year, it can find out for sure which were their favorite genres, artists, and languages, and come up with just the right music for them.

Do you still believe artificial intelligence is nothing more than a futuristic phenomenon?

As you can see, it’s an everyday thing, inherent to the digital era we’re living in.

It’s not something that’s unattainable or extremely pricey, like you may have thought.

Artificial intelligence can help us a lot if we use it to our advantage.

It already allows us to perform many technical, repetitive and mechanical processes, so we can focus on the things that really matter, and exploit our potential.

Start enjoying the benefits of AI!

And remember: being at the forefront means being competitive.

What other artificial intelligence gadgets or apps do you use on a daily basis? Add them to the comments below.

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