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Why You Need Thank You Pages On Your Website?

If you aren’t familiar with the term “thank you page”, now is the time to learn all about them.

We’ve already published an article describing the elements that you need on a thank you page. If you missed that article, read it now to complement this article.

So, briefly, a thank you page is the page that appears on a website immediately after a prospect or customer performs a desired action.

“A desired action” is the action you want them to perform on your website, like filling out a contact form, signing up, making a purchase, or downloading some content.

That’s why a thank you page is also sometimes called a conversion page.

Now we’ve explained what a thank you page is, let’s get to the important stuff…

Why They’re Useful And Essential For You

It’s easy to forget the true importance of these pages. You need to remember that your leads aren’t always going to be ready to make a purchase or sign up immediately after they’ve landed on your website.

That’s why thank you pages are so useful: they feed your prospects with more information and gradually encourage them to convert into customers.

Here are some of the reasons thank you pages are so important and have a valuable role to play:

1. They are an easy and effective way to encourage navigation on your website.

In contrast to the landing page, where the last thing you want to do is distract the user from performing the desired action, a thank you page is a gold mine that you should exploit.

You have what you were looking for—a new lead—but why not try to encourage him or her to look around more on your website?

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to provide them with a navigation menu, and make sure you add something about your most valuable content (a couple of your blog posts, or links to your social networks, would be perfect).

They might have converted into a lead, but you still don’t have much information about them. Get that information, and you will be a step closer to understanding your users and their interests.

2. They are a secret weapon to increase your return on investment (ROI) 

You might not have thought about it before, but thank you pages can easily become another opportunity for conversion on your website.

They can be used for much more than just thanking the user for performing an action.

It’s time to add a powerful Call to Action (CTA) and increase the value of your thank you page. In addition to thanking the user, you will be a step closer to converting them into a customer.

However, before adding a CTA, think carefully about what would be most effective. Remember, a CTA must be logical and not completely divorced from the action they’ve just taken.

After you’ve purchased something on Amazon, for example, the thank you page shows you products bought by other users like you. Make sure that you never have more than one call to action. An overwhelmed user is very likely to leave your website.

So, now you know; you can improve the ROI of your thank you pages with an attention-getting CTA that hits the mark.

3. Because they strengthen the confidence of your prospects

We’ve all been there. You land on a website that leaves you speechless. From the design of the site to how intuitive it is and how all the information is laid out.

But there is something in particular that makes us feel more secure about a website, and that’s value statements.

And what do I mean by value statements? They are all testimonials, positive reviews, recommendations and affiliate programs. Because when a user can verify that your website is not only visually appealing, but is also offering something of value and of high quality, it eliminates any trace of doubt and it lessens their reluctance to buy.

Whatever you decide to show, it should also be relevant. It’s useless to put testimonials that aren’t related to what you have on offer or reviews on a product that you didn’t sell!

The same applies for quantity. It’s not about stuffing your thank you page with recommendations so it looks like a collage.

Consistency and trust are the building blocks that pave the path that your prospect must travel along to become a customer.

4. Because, rather than thanking them, thank you pages tell the prospect what the next logical step is

They are called Thank You Pages precisely because they thank the user for the action they just performed (filling out a form, making a purchase, downloading something, etc.). But we don’t just want to say thank you.

We want to prevent the user from feeling uncertain and asking themselves what happens next. We want to push them kindly down the sales funnel and deeper into the buyer’s journey.

If you made a purchase, include a message that tells them you just sent them an email with their purchase details inside. If they filled out a contact form, specify when you’ll contact them so they know.

5. Because they record your conversions and measure the performance of your campaigns

You created your website, you created your digital advertising strategy, did a laborious market study, set goals, defined your product and finally launched a campaign… What a relief, the work is finished… Right?


A web page that is not monitored, will not do its job by itself. It’s very important that you measure and analyze everything that happens on it if you really want to know how well it’s performing and how to optimize it.

What does this have to do with thank you pages?

Thank you pages are a basic tool to measure your conversions

No matter whether you created your website or a programmer did it for you, you should know that you can measure the conversions that are happening on it using the code that’s behind all your webpages.

You only have to add small snippets of code (commonly called tags, pixels, or tracking codes) to turn them into a measurement tool.

There’s an exceptionally useful measurement tool that – in addition to measuring conversions on your website – creates and optimizes all your digital advertising campaigns, placing them on the most important platforms of the internet.

This innovative tool is your best option in digital advertising. And it was the first to automate the whole process.

But it is not limited to that, it also improves the efficiency of your campaign as time passes, thanks to its radical machine learning technologies and big data analysis.

If you’re looking to improve the performance of your website as fast as possible, don’t miss out on it.

So now you know: thank you pages are much, much more than just pages with thank-you messages on them!

They are key components you need to think about and refine in detail so they work for you.

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