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5 Easy and Practical Things to Keep in Mind When Optimizing Facebook Ads

Optimizing Facebook ads has become one of the key moves of digital marketing in the last couple of years because over 1.6 billion people logging in every day.

Optimizing Facebook ads; however, is not something businesses are cut out to do on their own. In fact, the vast majority of those who have achieved success by giving their companies a Facebook facelift, are those who did so with the assistance of a high profile marketing agency with the tools, the talent, the experience & the creativeness to make them stand out & thrive in an overpopulated spectrum.

It is important to point out that optimizing Facebook ads with the help of a qualified professional is not something that started with the update of the network’s policies.

“Professional assistance has been a need since optimizing Facebook ads became part of the standard procedures of a digital marketing campaign early in the decade. What has changed over the course of time is how that assistance is provided & what it includes. Back in the day, when optimizing Facebook ads was new to everyone, the role of agencies was that of guiding, they helped companies have allure & appeal for those audiences that were no longer only spectators, but that wanted to play an active role in the conversation. It was a matter of approach & image; nowadays its a matter of measurement & effective placement as much as it is still about approach & image,” says SEO & Facebook ads expert, Aaron Zakowski.

The previous change happened because, with Facebook’s massive growth over the past few years, it is now impossible to show people in a niche everything there is to see when optimizing Facebook ads. Therefore, the network’s algorithm has gradually changed to give every user an individual experience that includes only things they’re interested in, not only with regards to advertisements but with regards to their friendships, connections, videos, news & even memes. It has become a mind-reading experience pushed by artificial intelligence that gives every user their very own slice of the network’s world.

So when it comes to optimizing Facebook ads to achieve success that stands the grounds of change, digital reputation, image & the test of time, in an ever-disposable digital era, businesses have to keep in mind that:

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Optimizing Facebook Ad 06

1. The impact of changes in algorithms is not limited or related to only a specific niche

Algorithms have impacted the way optimizing Facebook ads works because advertisers now have more than a few tasks to complete to be seen before they release a campaign.

2. The competition is fierce but profitable, so it can’t be given up after a 24 hr run

In the world of today, businesses have to find their exact target audience, fight within’ that precise target audience’s competition to be seen, offer the best promos to win over the user’s clicks, have a polished landing page, ask questions via Instant Forms, entice conversion, analyze the statics, collect the ROI & then make a recurrent or base customer. So pushing & pulling an ad after 24hrs is pointless, because the algorithms have no time to recognize it & position it properly.

3. Image & innovation are everything

Optimizing Facebook ads is like walking into a cramped up room with people dressed flamboyantly & you wanting to stand out; you’ll have to do something very special to make heads turn around. Nonetheless, it is possible if you either look more flamboyant than everyone else, if you say the right things or if you’re able to entertain.

Optimizing Facebook ads works the same way. Once you have collected all the information you need on your target audience, once you have analyzed what they want, need & expect & the ways they like it delivered, then the next thing is to get creative & think of your image. Remember great organic placement happens when people like, comment & share your ads because they find them appealing.

Come up with slogans that include giveaways & that are rhythmical. Add a quote from someone that can give your goods social proof & then optimize likes, comments & shares by boosting preexisting posts. This actions will not only give your organic shifting a push, they will give your company, your post & your future ads a better look & a chance to be picked up by specific algorithms.

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Optimizing Facebook Ad 07

4. There are over 10 ways for successfully optimizing Facebook ads & it’s important that you choose the ones that work for you

Having over 10 ways of optimizing Facebook ads does not mean you have to use them all at once; however, it does mean that you’ll have to consider them all to choose the combo that best suits your approach. Digital Marketing Agency CEO,  Evan Weber, says of this:

“There are probably about 10 different ways of optimizing Facebook ads. Visitor re-targeting is a very effective form of advertising on Facebook. It’s going to continue to grow. Advertising for more likes to the company page is still effective, but maybe not growing as much as in the past. Boosting posts on a page to get engagement is also very effective. Companies that engage in boosting their posts can get a lot of value out of it.”

5. An influential helping hand is to be considered when optimizing Facebook ads

Even though your strategy may be flawless, your slogans may be on point, your social proof outstanding, your bidding out of control & your conversation steamy & ongoing, optimizing Facebook ads with the help of an influential personality is never to be discarded.

Influencers have massive appeal & a casual take on concepts & lines that otherwise might seem pushy or not relatable. So its always an option to re-purpose your campaign to that of the voice of an influencer to comeback into the optimizing Facebook ads game with a cooler, more vibrant angle. Especially after its already been stated that you need heads to turn in an overcrowded room.


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