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6 Marketing Strategies To Increase Your Sales This Christmas

 With the exception of the Grinch, we all love Christmas.

It’s a time to give, love, enjoy and be with those we love the most.

And for brands, it’s a very interesting time in terms of sales. It’s no secret that during this period people get in the Big Spender mood.

 There are so many gifts to buy… 


But the question that interests us is:

How can the positive feelings created by the holiday and the season help us connect with our potential customers? 

To answer this question, we’ve got 6 of the most innovative and creative marketing strategies to increase your sales this holiday season.


1. Content marketing, the famous

Content Marketing is a marketing strategy based on the generation of brand content that should be attractive, as well as useful and entertaining for your prospects.

What kind of content? E-books, infographics, success stories, guides, videos, podcasts, etc.

And if you’re wondering where the magic of this strategy lies…

Unlike traditional marketing, which is reputed to be intrusive, content marketing is marketing that people seek and want to see, read, or listen to. That is, the process is reversed.

When you offer up some valuable content, the person comes to you. That’s why it’s also known as attraction marketing

So, if you want to attract customers during this time, think about what valuable content that might be useful for them or interest them you can create, it could be something related to Christmas and your product or service.

For example, if you have a company that sells flowers, you could do an infographic called “How to choose the perfect Poinsettia for Christmas Day” and provide your tips on how to buy this popular and emblematic Christmas flower.

And at the end of the infographic, you could create a call to action that people can click on to buy poinsettias from you straight away.

If you have an e-commerce platform where you sell clothing, you could come up with something very creative, such as creating a test called “What to give your loved one this Christmas”. The prospect could tell you what their loved one is like, and you could tell them what to buy for that loved one. The test could come up with answers based on the tastes, characteristics or preferences of that person, and reveal what the ideal garment or accessory for them might be… Then you’d add a call to action saying “Buy now.”

So, let your imagination fly.

And don’t forget the most important thing: promoting your content. There’s no point in having super content, if you don’t promote it using advertising on social networks, search engines and other platforms. 

Look at this infographic on the history of toys, made by a toy store:


Or this one, which tells you how to play Secret Santa and what to give to the person you picked out.

infografia secret santa-1.jpg



2. The art of telling stories that inspire and excite

Yes! Storytelling is an excellent way to connect with your target audience.

You do it every day: you tell people about your day, you share stories, how it went with X or Y, what happened with Z…

Storytelling is in our DNA, our nature. And, for that reason, it’s something that people are very open to.

Tell a Christmas story and insert your brand, product or service into the storyline.

And an essential tip! Tell a story that includes emotion, one which will really motivate or inspire.

Also, try to tell a stories your potential customers can identify with, so you can connect with them on an emotional level.

What’s more, it’s no secret that most purchase decisions are made emotionally. Reason intervenes only to justify the feelings.

Do you want an example of storytelling? 

Let’s suppose you have an e-commerce platform that sells products for pets.

You can make a video where a girl talks about what it was like when she opened her Christmas present and a puppy jumped out of the box. And, since that Christmas, she promised herself that she would always put a gift under the tree for her new friend.

Every year, she went to your e-commerce platform and bought one of your products. And then she wrapped it and put it under the tree. 

At the end, you show the whole family and the happy puppy playing with his new toys. 

Close the video with a phrase that says: “He gives you incredible moments throughout the year. This Christmas, it’s time to reward your best friend”, with your logo underneath.

Everyone will want to buy something for their pet after seeing that beautiful and cute story.


3. Experiences that make you fall in love and never forget them 

Experiential marketing is incredible. And it’s just that: promoting brand-consumer interactions through the memorable experiences.

People can forget what you did or said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

It’s time to create an unforgettable brand experience!

Excite your consumers with that Christmas spirit.

You can start with something very simple, like adding Christmas themes, characters, or templates to your brand images (like your logo, your slogan, etc.) at your points of sale.

If you don’t have a physical store, you could add Christmas details to the design of your website or e-commerce platform.

You could also add a characteristic smell to your stores, such as pine or hay, or have your employees add a Christmas detail to their uniforms.

To add more Christmasiness, you could even put up a tree in your office and decorate it to your liking by adding ornaments and lights. This will increase your employees’ motivation and delight your customers.

office decoration chirstmas.jpg

An example of a somewhat fun experience is something like this…

Let’s assume you sell cars for a second.

Imagine: a customer test drives a car but hasn’t decided to buy it yet. Then, as you show the customer around the car… Santa Claus jumps out of the backseat! And he gives the customer a year’s free insurance and a keychain as a Christmas gift.

The person will probably feel surprised at first, and then excited by what has just happened.

With the keychain in their hand and the insurance ready to go, they’re likely to feel more inclined to buy. Right?

A fantastic example of experimental Christmas marketing and the one I would give the first prize to, is this video:

It is a real beauty! If you’re sentimental, get the tissues ready before you watch this one…


4. Details and gifts that fascinate…

If you have a database of prospects or potential clients, it’s time to pamper them. 

When someone takes care of you or gives you something, how do you feel?

You feel special, right? You feel loved.

So, why not do this and have your prospects fall in love with your company?

gifts that fascinate.jpg

B2Bs that offer products or services with a high average ticket price could surprise a prospect or potential customer that they’d like to turn into their customer with a gift in their office and a card that says something nice like: “We want to wish you a Merry Christmas, and we’d love to help you be even more successful in 2018. May this be your best Christmas so far!”

That type of gift moves you.

You might even make a video of your employees saying beautiful things about this time, or the weirdest traditions from their family parties. And then send an email to your list with a link to the video. 

They’ll love the fact that everyone at your company has contributed and see them in the flesh, wishing them happy holidays.

These details make the prospect connect better with your brand, stir their interest and keep you in their top of mind; basic ingredients to achieve a sale.


5. Christmas promotions that make eyes sparkle 

It’s also a great idea to do Christmas promotions and special discounts during this period.

Make sure you promote your most popular products and include banners, text or images that communicate your offer or promotion on your website and at your store or other physical locations.

Don’t forget to create a sense of urgency and mention how long the promotion will be running. If you can put a countdown clock on your web page, that works great.

But wait! Don’t stop there. It is also important to communicate those promotions. Email marketing and advertising on social networks can be great allies here.

Look at these examples of Christmas offers and promotions.

When you purchase a drone from them, this company gives you a second battery at a value of $159 USD.

And they didn’t forget to add the promotion dates. Look how beautifully they’ve arranged everything in the picture.



6. Take advantage of the great exposure and reach that digital marketing can give you

What’s the point of using the previous strategies, if nobody will see the results?

It is a MUST to promote and disseminate everything you do, so that you reach more people, attract more prospects and sell more.

Digital advertising has a great advantage that often goes unnoticed: its advanced segmentation capacity.

Digital advertising can give you something that few know how to get: an extremely precise audience. 

Imagine being able to decide exactly what kind of audience to reach. 

Digital advertising platforms such as Facebook allow you to select, not only the age, gender and location of your ideal client, but also specify in detail what you’d like their tastes and interests to be. Amazing, right?


When it comes to Google AdWords, you could choose to only show an ad for your product or service when someone types or taps in an exact phrase that signals that they’re ready to purchase that product or service.

…Or show ads to the followers of your main competitors, on Twitter.

Yes, you can actually do this. You can reach the people you’re interested in impacting and attracting.

Digital advertising has gone way beyond what traditional advertising can do. That business has always been about creativity, as well as how many awards or recognitions you could get.

The ugly truth is that companies, more than anything, want SALES.

Likes, shares and engagement are superficial metrics and, while they indicate the acceptance of a brand on social media, they don’t necessarily translate into sales.

And everyone doing digital advertising is very aware of that. They know that companies have started to demand clear and obvious results. And the best part of all is that in online advertising, you only pay for results.

You pay every time someone clicks on your ad or a prospect signs up on your website. On Facebook, for example, you can create campaigns that are specifically geared towards a specific goal: traffic, conversions, purchases, downloads, etc.

It also gives you the ability to accurately measure your return on investment, which is especially important at Christmas.

Most of the advertising platforms give you extremely detailed reports where you can easily find the necessary metrics to calculate your return on investment.

So, maybe now you’re wondering if you need to be an an expert in online advertising. Or if you need more time or money than what you have right now to be running campaigns.

That answer is no. Adext AIthe first and only audience management service that applies Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to digital advertising to find the best audience or demographic group for any ad. It automatically manages budgets across 16 different audiences, on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, and optimizes every ad 480 times daily.

In addition, its currently amounting an average improvement of +83% more conversions than any of your current campaigns in just over a week, and it guarantees its partners that it will get them a better cost per conversion (lower cost per sale or cost per lead) for all the agency’s accounts and campaigns, or the service will be FREE, and no management or optimization fees will be charged. 

So, the only opportunity cost would come from not trying it. Start here if you’d like to try out what Adext can do!

And, if Adext AI is just constantly tugging your mind, and you want to learn more you can read the following articles:


Wouldn’t you like to give Adext to your business this Christmas? 

Give yourself a bunch of new customers and sales, automatically… Spend less time, money and effort. Who wouldn’t want a Christmas gift like that?


Are you ready to increase your sales this season?

What did you thought of these sales strategies?

As you can see, most of them rely on giving something special to the consumer, be it a content, a gift, a promotion, or an experience … Christmas is a time to give!

And which one or which ones are you planning to take advantage of?

We’d love to hear about it down in the comments section! Our team of experts may even give you some ideas, as they’ll answer any questions you may have.


6 Marketing Strategies To Increase Your Sales This Christmas

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