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5 Practical Must-Read Google Ads Performance Tips To Boost Them

Google ads performance is one of the top subjects in digital marketing and Google ads one of the main tools. Alongside YouTube & Facebook ads performance, Google ads performance has overpowered radio, TV & printed ads’ profitability, to become the leading promo outlet for enterprises all over the world.

The Challenge with Google Ads

Google ads performance is based on a combo of factors that, put together properly, can propel an ad’s placement to unimaginable levels of reach; however, appearing in front of a desired audience within’ the walls of the biggest search engine in the planet, can be easier said than done.

Google is one of the largest tech companies out there (no questions asked.) It is also the leading search engine with over 3.5 billion searches every single day, so one can understand that getting limelight may seem farfetched for business owners who are scared of failing to create enough traffic to keep their ball rolling.   

Google ads performance can turn a small business into a mammoth one without it having to open subsidiaries anywhere; however, it also is an intricate system that requires development & the help of an expert, because it can take hard work to crack its codes.

Stats & Facts

Every year an estimate 16 to 21% of searches on Google’s browser are completely new. Therefore, before refusing the idea of hyping a business with some much needed Google ads performance, one most note that:

  • 35% of product searches begin on Google
  • 90% of desktop searches worldwide are done via Google
  • 34% percent of “products or services near me” searches end up with store clicks

Furthermore, even though the average Google search length is less than a minute, for experts & digital marketing agencies Google ads performance is essential, while the use of ads is an absolute must; this because traditional advertising stats plummeted in the past few years due to people’s involvement with new technologies.

“People of a particular age are starting to get hooked on the digital era. We now see kids teaching their grandparents how to Google, and most importantly, how to shop online; therefore, exposure through Google ads performance tools has become a need for companies who wish to stay relevant.”

That said a company’s Google ads performance can be notably bettered if the tips below are carefully reviewed, & applied.

5 Must Read Google Ads Performance Tips 1

1. Make sure keywords are on point for better Google ads performance

In the Google ads performance sphere, keywords are the gospel. Google ads performance is founded on keywords; therefore, brainstorming is pivotal when seeking for those sets of keywords that will make or break a business. One must choose the ones that are representative of the offerings of the company (what the product or service is about,) as well as a set that properly outlines the making process of said offering (how one does it.)

The second step will be choosing the right extensions; keyword extensions are predetermined keyword sets that the system suggests in order for one’s selection process to be simplified. However, it is during this step that one must be cautious of irrelevant words that may reduce optimization results.

2. Keywords must be linked to landing pages that are keyword related

When one creates an ad that has certain keywords, it is mandatory that the landing page it is linked to is topic related, because being so will help its over-all quality score, which will consequently give it a better ranking amongst websites of the same caliber. It is crucial to remember that Google ads performance is mainly based on engagement; however, if two websites have similar stats & services, its over-all rating might help potential customers make up their minds. This action is best-known as “conversion-affection,” & it makes potential customers back out over 50% of times.

Example: If a potential customer is looking for winter coat dry cleaning, & a business sells winter coats, but has chosen to add “winter coat dry cleaning” and/or “winter coat dry cleaners” as keywords to “broaden their chances,” & better their Google ads performance, it is likely that the users that stumble with their website will only pass by to spend the announcer’s reach money, also known as CPC money or cost per click money.

3. Ad extensions for your Google ads performance

One of the most underrated tips one can offer when it comes to Google ads performance is the use of ad extensions.

Known to many as that additional Google ads performance line they can’t come up with, ad extensions serve the purpose of sealing the deal. When it comes to kicking the bucket on a choice, giving customers a final word of attraction can make or break.

  • What makes a business better than the other?
  • Why is one vision more appealing than the other?
  • Are there more benefits in hiring one over the other?
  • Will they pay less & get more?
  • Is one more lasting than the other?

The devil’s in the detail.

5 Must Read Google Ads Performance Tips 3

4. Choosing customers over immediate sales

Based on the premise that: every company needs a solid consumer base, enterprises must understand Google ads performance is no longer all about PPC (pay per click,) because one time buyers aren’t where the money’s at. One doesn’t need to be an all up in their face salesman to profit; instead, companies need to build bonds that slowly convert clients & turn them in for the long run.

“There is no use in getting 100 strangers, to buy 100 t-shirts, in 100 paid clicks. Great Google ads performance means getting 100 strangers to fan out over a product or service and have them come and get what they need, when they need it, & then spread the word & have their closest friends come by, so that the next month traffic is 100 previous visitors, plus 50 strangers, buying 200 items, while using only 10 out of 100 paid clicks.”

5. Balancing mobile & desktop ads

Even though people still spend a lot of time on desktop computers, 2019 online surveys have proven that almost 75% of ad clicks come from mobiles devices; hence companies should balance their budget designation so that their odds of getting the higher number of hits from each source remain always above 50/50, for their Google ads performance, & most importantly, their profits depend on them. 


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