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4 Perfect Ways to Boost Your Facebook Ads Performance with Artificial Intelligence

Facebook ads performance is a pivotal part of marketing, because campaign strategies of today rely more on social media presence & placement, than they do on traditional marketing. This because artificial intelligence has become a force that has the ability to define, design & refine the future of businesses of all shapes & sizes.  

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, artificial intelligence is known to be a piece of software or hardware with enough elements to learn, & retain information it can later transform into patterns & experience, to enhance, better or simplify human life in a variety of aspects such as: work, daily life & personal affairs.

Furthermore, Facebook ads performance & artificial intelligence come hand in hand, because artificial intelligence is used in the measurement of Facebook ads performance, but also in its improvement & effectiveness guarantee.

For the better part of its first decade, Facebook favored organic reach in every way they could. Nevertheless, the more users started hiding out generic content, the more developers started giving personalized experiences the importance they have today; thus, they had to filter irrelevant content out of people’s feeds. Nowadays, posts have a dismal 7% organic reach to prevent searches from being filled with undesired information.

Having stated the former, it is imperative to understand that irrelevant content is NOT spam or dangerous data. In digital marketing irrelevant content stands for content a certain demographic or audience does NOT care to see.

How does artificial intelligence improve Facebook ads performance?

facebook ads performance2

Before jumping into the way artificial intelligence improves Facebook ads performance, it is important to note that:

  • Broadness in demographics & location affects Facebook ads performance.
  • There are thousands of interests to choose from on Facebook’s ads manager, & it’s important to find the ones that fit your business.
  • Ignoring the information above equals using artificial intelligence to set your Facebook ads performance for failure.

That said, in order to improve your ad’s performance your company must:

1.Choose the age range that its closest to your core target audience’s age

It’s understandable that your company didn’t create mass products to have them be sold to a fraction of its potential consumers. However, in the world of Facebook ads performance, & most importantly, in the world of beginner Facebook ads performance, setting your demographic on an age range of 15 to 55 is a fatal mistake, because you’d be increasing the chances of having irrelevant audiences click on your ads without converting. This would keep your cost per click at a standard low, but would have your budget being spent on impressions that wouldn’t generate any ROI.

To avoid the previous from happening, narrow your ad’s age range to the tightest target audience.

Example: if you know for a fact that your product sells well among women ages 22 to 30, stick to them; you won’t be skewing your market, because they’ll be time to make different ad sets for the rest of your potential customers once your core is secured.

2.Don’t forget to watch your target’s income level

Example 1:

 If you are in the cheap party favors market, you’ll want to make sure your ads are shown to a low income level audience or else they won’t be interested in buying your plastic wedding hats for their fancy design-of-the-decade weddings.

Example number 2:

If you’re in the high-end treats bar-making business, you should select your target audience’s income at a high average or else your 2 thousand dollar treat tables will be shown to a group of people who’ll click on your ad to use your product as a model for their cheaper version; hence, no conversion; hence, no ROI; hence low Facebook ads performance.

3.Use artificial intelligence to focus on specific interests & life events

As mentioned previously, artificial intelligence plays a defining factor in Facebook ads performance, because algorithms can sort out any combination a business comes up with to create a niche. Thus, you can better your enterprise’s Facebook ads performance by using the network’s artificial intelligence section of specific interests such as:

  • Political views
  • Type of relationships
  • Upcoming anniversaries

The former use of artificial intelligence has the goal of converting people that want to buy your product or service, because your brand is representative of their political views, because they got a partner on another city so they need businesses like yours to offer them the possibility of speedily delivering gifts without them having to physically be there or because your business offers them select special occasion favorites.

Think of it this way, artificial intelligence is the engine, but you are the operator of your Facebook ads performance train; therefore, one cannot work properly if the other doesn’t do its part. It is because of that, that professional assistance, talent & management, is suggested when in the quest to giving your ad’s performance its best possible boost.  

facebook ads performance3

4.Disregard irrelevant audiences or interests to increase the benefits of artificial intelligence over your Facebook ads performance

Exclusion is one of the most underestimated steps of digital marketing, because most local specialists only focus on what their campaigns lack & not what they need; some of them need the subtraction of elements to get the best of artificial intelligence over their Facebook ads performance.

When designing campaigns to enhance your Facebook ads performance, be sure to exclude:

  • Converted & engaged people  
  • Opposites

For those unfamiliar with the term, opposites are people who are completely incompatible with your product, service, age range, interests, locations, income level, life events, etc. One may think artificial intelligence would rule them out automatically, but if your targets have a high CPC, & your budget is low, & your exclusion list is left unspecified, artificial intelligence will find opposites to keep your desired CPC, even if they’re only a waste of money.

“The future of SEO is here: understanding and marketing to specific and defined audiences through search engines.”

– Adam Audette, Internet Marketer & SEO Specialist for Enterprise Companies.


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