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Imagine today without digital sales & Facebook Artificial Intelligence? Unnecessary in 2019, however, companies are still ambivalent when taking the technological leap.


Facebook Artificial Intelligence is at its peak when it comes to navigation measurements; therefore, it’s more crucial than ever that enterprises start taking Facebook seriously when it comes to business. Gone are the days in which Facebook was just a reputation platform that allowed customers to have their voice be heard with regards to a certain service or product.


Here are 4 facts:

1. Billion of Facebook Artificial Intelligence Users 

1.4 billion users tune into Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook Messenger every day. Out of those 1.4 billion users, over one billion do so from mobile apps; with over almost 800 million of them focusing exclusively on Facebook. Yes, 47% of those 1.4 billion users mentioned above, focus exclusively on Facebook.

Additionally, Facebook Artificial Intelligence has the technical ability, & storability, to add half a million users every single day, & they use it. Five hundred thousand people join Facebook every day. Which means 6 new profiles are created every second according to Google; those are stats of mammoth proportions & they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

Facebook first opened for business on September 26, 2006. The minimum age requirement was, & still is, 13 years old, & during its first full year of operations a good 50 million people signed up. Back then, Facebook Artificial Intelligence was still in development, & Facebook analytics weren’t sharp enough to be able to give a company their money’s worth for ads, so those were introduced in later years.

Nonetheless, nowadays Facebook Artificial Intelligence has such a strong reach that it is able to make its way to people who don’t even own a Facebook profile. That is because reports show that half the people who use the Internet, but do not use Facebook, live with someone who does; therefore, a sales pitch can easily make its way into none Facebook users & either get them to take it or get them to look into it via Facebook or through another search engine.

2. Facebook Artificial Intelligence Data Gathering

Another fact Facebook Artificial Intelligence is documenting, but not blatantly showing, is its measuring of the navigation numbers of people who do NOT have an account, but that instead log in from an existing account to look at the aforementioned ads & profile pictures. This shows that Facebook Artificial Intelligence is capable of gathering data that’s way beyond their own platform.

That said, 60 million businesses worldwide have an active Facebook page as of 2019. However, Facebook Artificial Intelligence reports show that only 6 million of those pages around the world pay Facebook for ad rotation.

Nonetheless, proper rotation has gotten a whooping two billion viewers in the last 12 months alone; its reach is not only giant, its bound-breaking. Bound-breaking because Facebook, being the world connection that it is, allows businesses to grow not only on a local scale, but on a global one too.

A business can go from small local shop to international enterprise in a matter of months if its Facebook ads are rotated properly & heavily. Yet again, even heavy Facebook rotation will require a far lesser investment than any traditional media promotion source will.

Furthermore, while in 2015 Facebook Artificial Intelligence was making users only an average 11 dollars per every 6 to 8 dollars invested, in 2019 that number has doubled; & in 2019, 49% of Facebook users support a brand they like & are likely to make purchases either directly through Facebook links or siting Facebook as a reference of where an offer was seen.

3. Facebook Lite app

Facebook Artificial Intelligence also measures data from the Facebook Lite app; which is a sub app developed by Facebook to present their regular format in a lower quality, to allow users from places with poor connectivity to enjoy all of the apps features without having to download all the heavy data.

This once again means that a business can profit from the virtues of Facebook Artificial Intelligence, because their products & services won’t be limited to heavy-weighted exposure; and the best part about that is that companies don’t even need to deal with campaign reformatting, because the Facebook Lite app will reduce their content for them.

On the other hand, it is pivotal to know that the market place in the digital world is not an interpolation of the traditional market, but a completely different entity. Therefore, Facebook AI has to be exploited by a professional agency that knows how to freshen up campaigns so that they flow with the latest sales trends.


For example: Only three years ago promotional adverts included a banner with information & a description on top. Nowadays, Facebook AI reports show that video adverts are the ones with the bigger engagement numbers, because videos over-all generate the biggest engagements numbers on Facebook, despite them making for only 3% of the platform’s total content.

Over 300 million videos on the Facebook Artificial Intelligence platform show that they are the hot thing now so businesses will have to make the jump, even if videos turn out to be pricier than banners.

4. Facebook Artificial Intelligence is learning

Last, but certainly not least, Facebook Artificial Intelligence development has reportedly been limited as of 2019, because robots programmed to speak predetermined language started developing mannerisms & languages of their own, so companies better get the best of it while the water’s still hot, because even though Facebook looks like it’ll be around for the long run, it’s intelligence might not need humans in the near future anymore.

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