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Top 7 Questions About Facebook Ads Optimization Answered by Experts

Facebook ads optimization has become one of the most helpful tools for enterprises all over the world ever since it was launched in November of 2007.

Presented back then as one of the most revolutionary marketing resources of the digital era, Facebook ads optimization was presented by Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, at the Facebook Social Advertising Event, as a game changing marketing tool, because it would allow businesses to broaden their demographics, break territorial bounds, and promote their products and/or services at a radically lower cost.

Budget reduction being one of the main appeals of the new service, Facebook ads optimization also offered a new commodity for both the customers and the hiring businesses; everything was in one place. All potential customers had to do to get a hold of offerings was to scroll through Facebook’s newsfeed, while all brands had to do to be seen, was to optimize their campaigns properly. However, while both parties came for the new Facebook ads optimization favors, companies stayed for its unique measurement features.

For the very first time in the history of virtual ads, small, medium & large enterprises could access understandable, highly reliable measurement data that could give them a clear, unequivocal scheme of:

  • What their clients needed
  • What their clients wanted
  • What treatment they appreciated
  • Which sales they found appealing
  • Which promotional campaigns were more attractive
  • And how many real sales were coming from an specific rotation source

Facebook ads optimization: Paper ready facts & questions asked

In the digital marketing world, as well as in the business-making world, it’s all fun & games till effectiveness is proven, & Facebook ads optimization has the stats to prove its functionality; that aside from the fact that, if one’s not on Facebook in 2019, one practically doesn’t exist.

As of the first half of the year 2019, it is a proven fact that:

  • Over 66% of monthly Facebook users log in on a daily basis.
  • 88% of daily users in 2019 are using it via a mobile device.
  • Over 80 million businesses have an active company page on Facebook, & that number is increasing yearly by 23%, with a 21% increase on Facebook ads optimization only with regards to 2018.

That said, what are the 7 optimization questions that one needs experts to answer in order to take a leap?

Top 7 Questions about Facebook Ads Optimization Answered 2 by

The top 7 most frequently asked questions by company owners, about Facebook’s optimization are:

1. Why is their Facebook ads optimization being hurt by unengaged users?

If one’s biding low, then one shouldn’t expect high engagement. What every ad user is looking for is low CPA (Cost per Action;) however, the automatic way of lowering the cost of said action, is to get a high volume of users who DO NOT want to engage with ads as frequently, so a professional marketing agency comes in handy when one needs to play marry-go-round with the algorithm to get the best out of it.

2. Why do some ad clicks seem to come from sketchy users?

As mentioned before, Facebook ads optimization has become one of the reliable tools of modern marketing; nonetheless, if one bids at a lower cost, one might get unengaged users or junk clicks. Junk clicks are frequent on the low bid spectrum, because there are a lot of fake and/or duplicate accounts roaming on Facebook; not because the network is lousy, but because accounts can’t be shut down at discretion if they’re not actively violating policies.

3. How can Facebook ads optimization be improved after junk clicks have been filtered out?

Leverage is the key to profitable optimization; therefore, one should leverage retargeting ads in order to get polished stats. Hire a marketing agency, let them help the business get specific, test drive, consider polling or just asking, determine which customers shouldn’t be reached, & refresh carrousel ads. One can never forget the biggest difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is: in digital marketing, customers pave the way for campaigns, they’re the ring masters. They’re active partners in the decision making process; traditional marketing imposed the trend, digital marketing is all about hearing needs & wants, & standing out. This leads to getting creative with carrousel ads, which are the ads that are heavily rotated to a select crowd.

Top 7 Questions about Facebook Ads Optimization Answered by

4. What is the difference between Facebook ads optimization & Google ads optimization & is one better than the other?

Even though Facebook ads optimization & Google optimization both rely on demographics, they’re both very different & essential in their own way. While Facebook will look for potential customers based on their interests, liked pages & third party data, Google will rely more heavily on keywords. The difference being, Facebook ads optimization will target people interested in a certain product or service, while Google will target audiences searching for a product or service with certain characteristics, example:

Facebook ads optimization looks for potential base consumers, while Google ads optimization satisfies immediate needs.  However, it’s a deeper topic than can be discussed in such a frequent yet broad question.

5. What type of ad should a company run?

There are 3 main Facebook ads optimization types on ads manager:

  • Traffic generating optimization
  • Engagement generating optimization
  • Conversation generating optimization

Which to use should be determined by where one’s commerce is at in placement

  • Does it already have user flow?
  • Does it have engaged customers even if they’re only a few?
  • Is there an ongoing conversation between customers & company?

If there’s yet to be traffic, then CPC (Cost per Click,) as well as optimizing it to get as few junk clicks as possible, is the way to kick-star the show. However, this is the foundation of the business’s ads future, so optimization by a professional agency is yet again highly suggested, because quality traffic has to be made in order for the follow ups to generate profit.

6. Is an ad relevant to the target audience its focusing on?

One of the pivotal questions to ask, mainly because it directly affects a campaigns budget, the best way to know if an ad is relevant to a target audience is to check the ad’s score on the ads manager. The ads manager barometer works on a scale from 1 to 10 with one being the lowest score & meaning an ad will cost more per impression or per click. An ad that scores a 10 on the ads barometer will pay less & optimize best.

7. Is the ad copy perfect for the base audience?

An ad copy is basically the ad itself; therefore are certain parameters one should consider before releasing it to the public, some of them are:

  • Does the Facebook ads optimization campaign heading speak to the targeted audience?
  • Is the offer presented appealing enough to pull?
  • Has spelling, punctuation & word-spacing been adequately used?
  • Does it sound trust worthy?
  • Have benefits been properly emphasized?

With that in mind, professional help is once more suggested to achieve the best & most profitable results.


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