Fake Artificial Intelligence (AI) Vs Real AI: How To Tell The Difference Between The Scammers & The Real Deal

Everyone knows that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a big thing and almost every single tech company in the world seems to be riding that hype wave.

Why Social Ads Work

Around half of all CMOs are investing in social: between 49% and 57% of CMO’s marketing budgets involved a spend on social in 2017, according to Deloitte Digital. And social media advertising investments are set to increase, with a predicted compound annual growth rate of 17% from 2016 to 2021.

Senior Ad Buyers Choose The Google-Facebook Duopoly for 2018

You’ve probably noticed the emphasis on Google and Facebook in digital advertising in recent years, but have you ever looked at their competitors?

4 Key Tips To Make Sure You Stay Ahead in Digital Advertising

How do you find out how to optimize header bidding better than anyone else, before anyone else? Or find the most efficient method of A/B testing ad units and ad networks so you can lower cost per conversion month after month?

Imagine Becoming 1 Billion Times Smarter: Merging With Artificial Intelligence

Imagine being able to brainstorm creative ad concept ideas like a superhuman or working on a campaign that can be streamed directly into the sensory cortex of your target audience’s minds.

Digital Advertising Is Not The Same Anymore. Find Out What's The New Hype!

The last few decades have turned the business world upside down. For better or for worse, everything has changed. 

How To Establish Your Advertising Budget For A Higher Return On Investment

The start of a new year always brings new opportunities. 

6 Marketing Strategies To Increase Your Sales This Christmas

 We all love Christmas (except the Grinch!).

It’s a time to give, love, enjoy and be with those we love the most.

And for brands, it’s a very interesting time in terms of sales. It’s no secret that during this period people get in the Big Spender mood.

11 Tips To Optimize Your Ad Images For More Clicks

If you know anything about marketing, you know that you need to get people to click on your ad images if you want your campaign to be a success.

Digital Advertising: Definitive Guide With Everything You Need To Know

At the end of the last century, no one could take the power back from traditional advertising. The huge international brands of the world enjoyed all the fame, because they were the only ones who knew how to make it work for them.

Online Advertising Tips To Generate More Sales Leads For Your Business

So, you’ve decided that online advertising is the right way to attract more customers to your website... (If you still aren't sure, take a look at these signs that you need online advertising).

5 Very Real Reasons To Advertise With Google AdWords

Have you ever wondered whether it would be worth using Google AdWords to advertise your business? 

Create Google AdWords Campaigns That Work: The Ultimate Guide

AdWords is a very useful platform if you want to attract the right audience to your website (you can also read later this week: Why You Need To Advertise Using Google AdWords). 

3 Terribly Obvious Signs You Need Online Advertising

How can you find out whether or not internet advertising could boost your online sales?

Digital Marketing and Online Advertising Glossary [From A To Z]

There is a set of terms that are specific to online advertising and digital marketing, just like any other discipline.

These terms may be unfamiliar at first, or even a little overwhelming, if you’ve never studied these topics.

But even if you’re not a digital marketer, it’s important for you know them.


Because digital marketing is so important now for businesses that want to have a presence online and attract prospects to their websites.

The first step you need to take if you want to create a digital marketing strategy that works, is to understand what digital marketing is.

We’ve gathered together the most common terms to help you master them:

Digital Advertising Experts Share Their Secrets of Success

Digital advertising is a topic that’s trending right now.

Online Ads: The MUST of Your Digital Strategy. Here’s Why!

Let’s face it: marketing has changed.

The internet is booming and we cannot swim against its relentless current.

Is Your Advertising Spend An Investment? Find Out Now!

The moment of truth has arrived. 

It’s time to find out whether you're just spending money on advertising, or if it’s an investment for your business.


E-Guide: How Does Adext’s Ad Tech AI Work?

Discover how Adext’s AMaaS (Audience Management as a Service) uses machine learning to find the most profitable audience for any ad, to provide more conversions at the lowest rate.

Download it here!
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