The Step By Step Guide To Get Started With Adext AI

Increasing your conversions on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads by using Artificial Intelligence is now a reality thanks to Adext AI.

Why Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is The Future of Video Marketing

The profound impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on digital marketing efforts to date is something no marketer will dispute.

3 Ways Your Digital Agency Can Add Value In An Artificial Intelligence (AI) Era

“Dig the well before you are thirsty”, goes the Chinese proverb.

How To Avoid Blockbuster's Fate Through Artificial Intelligence Ad Tech

At its peak in 2004, Blockbuster, the enormous video-rental chain, set up a mail-delivery service. Netflix watched its stock price tumble. And though Netflix had invented the business during the late 90's, Blockbuster had over 9,000 stores. It was Netflix' biggest threat.

Fake Artificial Intelligence (AI) Vs Real Autonomous AI: How To Tell The Difference Between The Scammers & The Real Deal

Everyone knows that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a big thing and almost every single tech company in the world seems to be riding that hype wave.

Artificial Intelligence And The Future Of Marketing And Advertising Jobs

If you’re one of those people who’s up to date on the big advances that artificial intelligence (AI) has promoted in digital marketing, you’ve probably already come up with a couple questions like:

What is Next Generation Ad Tech AI?

If you’ve been following along you’ll know that we refer to Adext AI, an audience management as a service as next generation ad tech AI and while that sounds pretty cool (and it is!) we’d like for you to understand what exactly we mean by that. More specifically, is Adext using real AI? What was the previous generation of ad tech AI and how is Adext different?

9 Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing That Will Revolutionize Your Business

We’ve already posted articles on this topic before, like The Most Surprising Applications of Artificial Intelligence That You’ve Never Even Thought Of and 10 Artificial Intelligence Technologies That’ll Rule 2018. So now, the question we’re asking marketers is: How will artificial intelligence (AI) affect digital marketing in 2018?

14 Applications Of Artificial Intelligence That You’ve Never Even Thought Of

You probably already know that some of the applications you use every day use artificial intelligence, such as Netflix, Spotify, and Siri, among others. Or maybe you’ve heard of robots that play chess, poker, and other board games better than any human could.

Why Social Ads Work

Around half of all CMOs are investing in social: between 49% and 57% of CMO’s marketing budgets involved a spend on social in 2017, according to Deloitte Digital. And social media advertising investments are set to increase, with a predicted compound annual growth rate of 17% from 2016 to 2021.

Senior Ad Buyers Choose The Google-Facebook Duopoly for 2018

You’ve probably noticed the emphasis on Google and Facebook in digital advertising in recent years, but have you ever looked at their competitors?

4 Key Tips To Make Sure You Stay Ahead in Digital Advertising

How do you find out how to optimize header bidding better than anyone else, before anyone else? Or find the most efficient method of A/B testing ad units and ad networks so you can lower cost per conversion month after month?

Imagine Becoming 1 Billion Times Smarter: Merging With Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Imagine being able to brainstorm creative ad concept ideas like a superhuman or working on a campaign that can be streamed directly into the sensory cortex of your target audience’s minds.

Why Machine Learning Is Changing The Advertising Industry

There is a lot of hype about machine learning (ML). In fact, it is one of the hottest business topics right now. But when you look past the hype, ML’s wide range of practical applications for media professionals, sellers, and shops are only too obvious.

[Infographic] Why You Should Hire Adext AI To Get Superior Advertising Results

Are you wondering why should you become an Adext Partner? 

Do you want to know each and every benefit having the first and only audience management as a service tool with AI on your team will get you?

Adext AI: Creating A World Where You Reach Your Full Creative Potential AND Effortlessly Win At Digital Advertising

We envision a world where humans can reach their full creative and strategic potential…

This is how Adext AI can get you superior digital advertising results

First, we take existing data from your digital advertising management platforms, like Facebook Ads Manager and Google AdWords.

And we ask you to specify which ads or ad groups you’d like our AI software to copy. It’ll set a specific demographic budget for each and you’ll be able to specify how long you’d like it to manage your budget.

Digital Advertising Is Not The Same Anymore. Find Out What's The New Hype!

The last few decades have turned the business world upside down. For better or for worse, everything has changed. 

What Is ROI In Digital Marketing And How To Calculate It

You probably already know about all the benefits digital marketing offers.

What is Artificial Intelligence? Here's a guide with all you wanted to know

Despite the fact that it’s over 50 years old, most people don’t know what this field of study is all about. 

7 Technology Trends That Will Dominate 2018 And That Every IT Expert Should Know

You know it better than anyone else: technology is constantly changing.

What is Machine Learning? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Machine learning. It’s a term you hear everywhere nowadays.

9 Trends You Should Take Advantage Of And Offer At Your Digital Marketing Agency

The competition is getting overwhelming. The number of digital marketing agencies is increasing; they’re everywhere!

How To Establish Your Advertising Budget For A Higher Return On Investment

The start of a new year always brings new opportunities. 

Investing in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology: Know the Pros and Cons!

Undoubtedly, the development of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain are paving out the way for the future. And nothing has move obviously changed today, than cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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