The 8 E-commerce Trends That Ruled 2018

2018 has been a year full of surprises and progress and we’ve seen changes occurring in e-commerce, too. 

Highly innovative trends are on their way in, and we'll need to adapt if we want to keep up with this competitive market, which is constantly changing.

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This Is Why Online Ads Are a MUST For Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Let’s face it: marketing has changed.

The internet is booming and we cannot swim against its relentless current.

Online advertising has become very important for modern brands, businesses and companies worldwide. 

The demand for digital media is increasing by the day and the consumer has become much more demanding.

Contemporary users really do their research. They read an enormous number of sources, reviews, comments, comparisons, etc., before they make a purchase.

And where do they do it? On digital media platforms. Therefore, having a presence on them is crucial.

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If you want to attract users that could potentially turn into leads for your business, you may want to read about how online advertising could solve all your problems.


1. Advanced Segmentation

Online advertising is highly effective because unlike traditional media, it gives you the chance to segment your audience more effectively.


You can track viewers for the product or service you’re interested in promoting based on the viewers’ characteristics, including such as demographic and psychographic traits, gender, age, language, socioeconomic level, lifestyle, interests and preferences. 

With programs like Google AdWords, you can connect with the consumer digitally in various different ways.

It gives you the opportunity to show your products or services when the user is looking for keywords related to them, as well as before they initiate the research process. 

By doing this, you can impact them while they are on other websites and blogs related to what you offer.

You also attract much more specific prospects that are interested in your product or service. That vastly improves your conversion rate.

And what’s also fantastic is that you're the one who chooses where you want your ads to be, when and how frequently they are shown, as well as the devices they appear on.


2. Unlimited Reach

As we said earlier, the internet is at its peak and with the overwhelming amount of new users it gains every day, it has an almost unlimited reach.

Online advertising is available 24/7, so time differences will never be an issue. 

Imagine how many people you could get through to!

You can also decide what you would prefer the users to do after seeing your ad.

Do you want them to call you?

Do you want them to download your product demo?

Make a purchase? 

This, and many other elements can be included in your advertisement ads.

Be sure to ask just one action for every ad. You don't want them to feel overwhelmed and run away from you.


3. Reduced Costs (You Only Pay For Results)

We know you don't have an unlimited budget.

So we have some great news for you: investing in digital advertising is far more affordable than any other method.


Because online advertising is so versatile that there are options for every budget. 

Online advertising is not something unattainable only big companies can afford. 

Adext AI, for example, is the first and only audience management as a service platform that applies Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to digital advertising to find the best audience or demographic group for any ad. It automatically manages budgets across 20 different audiences, over multiple platforms (such as Google AdWords, Facebook and Instagram), and optimizes every single ad several times a day.

In addition, it guarantees a better cost per conversion (lower cost per sale or cost per lead) for all the agency’s accounts and campaigns, or the service will be FREE, and no management or optimization fees will be charged. Which means, the only opportunity cost comes from not trying it.

It currently stands at an average improvement of +83% more conversions in just 10 days! certainly more than any other human, software or tool could achieve. So, if you'd like to learn more about the tool this guide is the way to go, as it perfectly explains how Adext AI works.


 4. Immediate Visibility And Flexibility

With digital strategies, we can generate campaigns in no time and get them working right away.

If users don’t respond, we just need to edit or modify the content in real time, optimizing and adapting it to your prospect’s needs.

Compared to SEO, advertising in search engines, known as SEM, gives you visibility and presence effortlessly, quickly and efficiently. 

SEO also requires a huge amount of content and thorough website optimization.

What’s more, Google is unpredictable and fickle when it comes to positioning…


5. An Accurate Measurement Of Results

This is one of the perks of online advertising. 

It allows you to find out the yield on your investment with brilliant precision

You can find out how many people you had an impact on, how many people clicked on your ads (CTR) and how many made a purchase.


Digital advertising offers you complete control of the situation. You’ll no longer have to wait anxiously for your results to arrive, since they are generated immediately.

This is an extremely useful way to get acquainted with the shopping habits of consumers.

And as we just mentioned, what better way to get the best results from campaigns that aren’t performing than altering  them in real time.

You can also set specific metrics to help you reach your desired ROI.


6. A Variety Of Formats

Online advertising has a huge array of ad formats you can choose from: graphics, dynamic ads, videos, images, rich media formats, interactive formats, etc.

You can choose the one that shows the benefits from your product or service best.

So put your creativity to the test, because the online world has no boundaries.

Are you convinced yet?

The digital advertising trend is more than just a trend, it's the future of advertising.

Now you know why you should consider adding it to your digital marketing strategy. 

Guarantee yourself some business success.

There’s no reason to avoid online advertising any longer!


Andric Pasillas R.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR | Andric Pasillas R.
Writer, editor, translator and proofreader for more than 4 years. My passion is to write and inform. I consider myself a relentless researcher of the digital world.
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