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I understand you, you have a lot on your plate.

And monitoring, analyzing and evaluating the performance of your digital agency is not an easy task. 

It takes time.

And when you look at how quickly the digital environment is transforming, and the changes that are continually happening, "to err is human."

It’s understandable—and sometimes inevitable—to make mistakes when implementing an action plan so you can really excel in the digital environment… 

That's why I wanted to share the most common mistakes that digital agencies make, so you can stop them from damaging your brand.


1. Starting to work without a good understanding of your business and target market

Nobody knows your company like you. That's obvious.

Have you ever had to correct the content or digital materials your agency provides you with?

Do you feel that there is a mismatch regarding what they deliver and the essence of what you truly want to convey with your brand?


If so, this is because whoever is working on your digital marketing strategy, needs to develop a deeper understanding of your business and your target audience.If your agency doesn’t understand these important issues well, the campaigns they create for you won’t have what it takes to achieve the results you’re looking for.


2. Getting busy without a plan...

Wow! Now this is a very common mistake.

More often than not, digital agencies have a very pressured, fast-paced culture. Like you, they have a lot of other customers to attend to, which may mean their time is short or they simply don’t give your brand the attention it deserves. 

They might neglect essential aspects of the process, like creating a strategy aligned and in line with the goals of your company.


Make sure that there is a strategic plan behind every action. Challenge your agency the next time they activate or deliver a campaign. If you never give them your opinion, they won’t know what you’re looking for they won’t be able to improve their work.

Ask them why they chose that channel, that creative concept, why they recommend that investment, why they think it will impact your target market, and so on. 

If they do not have clear and convincing answers to these questions, they may not have had time to develop a logical approach before writing their proposal.


3. Forgetting that results need to be measurable 

The Mad Men era, where the campaigns were an exquisite combination of creativity, ingenuity and originality, is gone.. 

Today's businesses demand measurable results.

Yes, digital agencies talk about awareness, engagement, impressions, reach, creativity and a thousand different things...

But they don’t talk about what you really care about, and what’s fundamentally important if your business is going to grow: the sales, customers and a return on investment that marketing can provide. 


They actually seem a little surprised when you mention your goals, as if they’re annoyed because they’re going to have to produce measurable results.

Or they might simply avoid the question, or talk about their “most successful” campaigns.

Has this ever happened to you?


4. Making promises they can’t or won’t keep

When you first met the folks at your agency, everything was rose-colored. Everything looked promising and optimistic.

Some agencies will say about anything to get a new client. The problem starts when what they promised they could achieve is not reflected in what they actually deliver...



5. Where is the continuous improvement? 

One of the best things about working with a digital agency is how much you can learn about what works and what doesn’t work for your company in the digital environment.

But if the agency you’re working with has the same dynamic it always did and you haven’t noticed any overwhelming changes, optimizations, or improvements in recent months, take note: This is a red flag.

Encourage them to learn from their mistakes and follow the best practices.

The digital world is continuously changing and your digital marketing strategy shouldn’t be static. It has to be constantly improved and each campaign should beat the last in terms of results.


6. There’s no added value

What makes the agency you hired different from the others out there?

If an answer to that question didn’t come to you quickly, your agency may not have clearly communicated what makes it unique (AKA their added value), which is really crucial for them to highlight. 

If these mistakes have made you doubt whether your digital agency is actually effective, don't forget to read our next post How To Find Out If Your Digital Agency Is Effective. It will help you make the best decision.

I hope these tips have helped you detect areas of opportunity and improvement so you can get the best out of your digital agency.

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Natalia Maynez C.

By: Natalia Maynez C.

More than 6 years creating and implementing digital marketing strategies that help other businesses to grow. Now, I write to share everything I've learned with you.

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