This is how AI will let marketers be marketers again

AI may never be able to understand the full spectrum of human emotions, but it surely understands performance and that’s the most straightforward fact of a tool that sometimes feels unnecessarily hard to understand.

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How To Make Your Facebook Ads, AdWords Campaigns More Creative With Artificial Intelligence

When you're working on ad campaigns at your company or digital advertising agency, do you ever wish the process was less complex, and more, well... creative?

Those who produce the most creative this year—digital ad agencies—are made up of a wide variety of different types of staff members. To mention a few, there’s:

  • Creative directors
  • CTOs and IT managers
  • Project administrators/assistants, managers and directors
  • Strategists and digital strategists
  • Usability specialists and SEO specialists
  • Market research and insight specialists
  • Analytics specialists and interface/front-end designers
  • Copywriters, graphic designers, photographers, and videographers
  • Art directors and paid search managers
  • QA testers and back-end developers
  • Media planners and buyers
  • Social media managers and strategists
  • And many more

Yes, companies that run their campaigns independently might just have a sprinkling of these professionals in their department. And on occasion, marketing managers are lumped with the entire responsibility a fully-staffed department would normally spread between them.


What Happened?

Ad campaigns didn’t used to need such a complex skill set.

Remember just 10 years ago, when the interactive advertising supply chain was simple?

This is how the supply chain appeared in 2008, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau's (IAB) best practices:

how_yo_make-07Source: IAB

Go back a little further, and shops had it even better.

Modern-day ad men agree that back in the "Mad Men" days, ad men had it all. Creativity was less-often bound by rules and held up to scrutiny by lawyers. And there was a lot less research.

But in 2018, if you're not on tech savvy, data literate and insight-motivated, you’re automatically less employable, even if you have one of the best creative minds in the country. Data has become a critical part of the media buying business, and the bulk of the jobs in advertising are now in analytics and digital.   

This is what the IAB supply chain looked like two years ago:

Source: IAB

And you’d be right to assume that it’s becoming more and more complex with each passing week.

What’s more, each step of the workflow is becoming increasingly more confusing.


Data Has Been Killing Creativity

Let's look at an example. Say you're an advertising manager. Your duties might including something like the following:

  1. Working with department heads or staff to discuss topics such as budgets and contracts, marketing plans, and the selection of advertising media
  2. Planning promotional campaigns and advertising campaigns, including which media to advertise in, such as radio, television, print, online media, and billboards
  3. Evaluating the look and feel of websites used in campaigns or layouts, which are sketches or plans for an advertisement
  4. Initiating market research studies and analyze their findings to understand customer and market opportunities for businesses
  5. Developing pricing strategies for products or services marketed to the target customers
  6. Meeting with clients to provide marketing or related advice
  7. Directing the hiring of advertising, promotions, and marketing staff and oversee their daily activities

However, your superiors will expect most of those tasks to be based on data, insights and the best cutting-edge technology the company or agency can afford, even down to hiring the right people. And more than anything else, they're expecting results.

This is one of the reasons why agency people say they're unhappy: data mining is not a simple task, and the added pressure of the expected results can be overwhelming, killing creativity. 

“Innovative work is cut immediately because you don’t know how it’s going to perform,” said a Digiday interviewee. “So you just repeat what you did last year. It wasn’t this way always.”


AI To The Rescue

Perhaps you never saw the days when data meant customer surveys written by hand...

Nevertheless, maybe you secretly wish your job was more creative, strategic and informed—and that, overall, it involved less confusion.

If that's you, AI means good news.


Well, when AdTech and AI are doing their job correctly, they free up your time, allowing you to focus on what you do best: creative tasks.

Humans are still markedly better than robots at creative, imaginative and strategic tasks. Work that requires a high degree of those skills is just intrinsically hard to automate. 

And when you have the right AI and AdTech at hand, you can simply let it take care of many of the data mining, optimization and placement tasks you'd prefer someone else was doing so you’re free to concentrate on creative for your Facebook Ads and AdWords campaigns. 


AI Can Find You The Best Audience, Automatically

Let's take Adext AI as an example. 

Adext AI is an AdTech solution that uses machine learning (ML) to match your ad with the audience that can achieve the Highest Sustained Conversion Rate (HSCR).

Adext AI does this by intelligently setting budgets every hour for up to 20 distinct demographic segments and by 'intelligently' using ML models that utilize Bayesian inference, simulations and Transfer Learning to continuously explore and find you the best audience for your ads.

The only thing left for you to do once Adext AI has done its job is to optimize your ads’ creative elements, such as copy and images, and test your creative hypotheses so that your creative best matches and attracts the audience Adext AI has found for you. 

Read: How You Can Leverage Adext's AI-Driven Insights To Discover The Ideal Creative-Audience Matches For Your AdWords and Facebook Ads


Taking The Complexity Out Of Ad Optimization For You, At Scale

Wouldn’t it be efficient to have some of the most sophisticated data science and AI experts working on your campaigns?

The best AI tools do that for you, so you can rest assured you’re being well taken care of. Adext can manage and optimize all your accounts’ ad audiences and budgets, and on average, it raises efficiency by 83% in just 10 days when compared with the work of humans and other tools.

Adext has created a method that lets its data scientists experiment on real data and then roll out new versions into production on their own, providing you with real data science at scale for your Facebook ads and AdWords campaigns.


Testing Creative Hypotheses That Resonate With Potential Audiences

One of the ways Adext AI can make your campaigns more creative is by taking care of all the repetitive, time-consuming and mundane tasks for you (like A/B testing audiences, optimizing campaigns and managing budgets).

This makes advertising such a different experience, especially for you.

But it also has the potential to alter your target audience’s experience in a huge way.

Our research has found that about 90% of ads are not customized or personalized in any shape or form for the viewer.

Adext allows you to get valuable insights from your campaigns about potential audiences for each ad so that you and your team can improve your current creative, modifying the copy, images, videos, slogans and value propositions…

So your ads will speak to and resonate better with the potential audiences that provide the Highest Sustained Conversion Rate... as well as those you may have never even considered before.

When you let Adext AI run long enough, it also becomes really sensitive to your creative. And the more creative variations an ad has, the better your results will be.

Having ad performance and creative iteration at scale isn’t a dream anymore… Adext AI take care of the former, while you're in charge of the latter.

Are you using Adext AI's audience insights to generate more and better ad creatives that resonate better with each micro-audience?


It’s Time To Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Creativity is the soul of advertising and branding, but being able to be more creative actually has a number of knock-on benefits.

It can improve the way you feel about your job, improve your mental health. It can also increase and renew brain function, and is associated with innovation, originality and coming up with many diverse ideas quickly

And that's just good business.

We want you to love Adext AI, so we're offering a free 30-day trial with no budget limits. Find out more at 


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