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2019’s Most Fascinating Digital Marketing Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you know the trends your digital marketing strategy should be banking on?

So far, this year has been full of changes and they show no signs of slowing down.

That’s why I want to share with you an infographic that perfectly summarizes the main digital marketing trends for 2018.

We’ve gathered the most recent digital trends and put them into this infographic, to help you plan and implement strategies that generate impact and stand out, as nowadays this is the only way to attract potential customers for your business.

infografia blog1200x627 copia 1 1Now that you have an idea of the trends that are dominating 2018, why not adjust your digital strategy to work around them, and look for suppliers or solutions that specialize in them?

In this sense, you might want to consider Adext AI which is using artificial intelligence to transform digital advertising.

This audience management as a service tool uses the most advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies to find the most profitable audience for any kind of online ad. It automates budget management and optimization across 20 demographic groups per ad and over multiple channels to ensure it’ll get you more leads and sales, at the lowest costs per conversion.

And the best part? Adext AI is FREE until it actually provides you a superior conversion performance. All of this amounts to an average improvement of +83% more conversions than any other human, software or tool could in just over a week! 

Start here if you’d like to to start benefiting from it.

What about you? Do you know of any other trends that will explode in 2019?

If so, share it with our community in the comments below.

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