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The 8 Most Innovative Digital Marketing Tools

If last year was a huge success for digital marketing tools, it’s going to be unstoppable in 2019.

There are more and more new tools being created all the time.

Don’t fall behind!

There are new instant interaction applications, automated artificial intelligence systems, mobile commerce (m-commerce), etc.

Invasive advertising is on its way out.

The latest marketing trends indicate pretty clearly what we should be doing, don’t they?

Digital marketing is in vogue, and new tools are constantly available to make our lives easier and our strategies more effective.

We know it’s challenging to know which ones to choose, that’s why we’ve written this article.

We’d like to introduce you to some of the most innovative—and pretty fantastic—tools to propel your digital marketing.

If you’re into the avant-garde, don’t miss out on what we’re going to cover in this article!

1. VWO (Visual Website Optimizer)


You want your website to perform at its best.

This platform is one of the best digital marketing to improve and monitor sites. 

You can find out the behavior of your visitors, down to the last detail.

Its heatmaps will tell you how they are using your website: where they click, where they scroll down to, and where they stop and then leave your site.

On top of that, it tells you where your visitors are coming from.

Another benefit of VWO is that it allows you to create various versions of your site, so you know which one works best (A/B Testing).

It also shows you all the different ways you can display your information.

That way, you know which one generates more conversions and sales for you.

With VWO, forget about hiring expensive analysts or having to wait for your term reports.

You can stop guessing what’s working on your website to make the most out of the traffic that lands on it.


One of the greatest advantages of digital marketing is that you can check a specific product thoroughly.

Review its specs, how to use it—and best of all, you get to see what other people are saying about it.


During a time when a lot of consumers are motivated by other people’s opinions, you should use reviews to your advantage and maximize your impact online.

Yotpo offers an excellent solution to this kind of problem.

It’s a review generating system for your product and services. 

It allows your customers to follow up very efficiently and gives them a unique, simple and convenient way to rate your product or service from their smartphones.

At the same time, it distributes the reviews you’ve got throughout the main social media platforms so you attract more traffic to your website.


The hashtag concept has become huge.

But properly using it is not always that easy. And monitoring conversations on Instagram and Twitter is even more complicated.

Keyhole has solved that problem.

It works like an advanced tracking system for keywords and hashtags, analyzing real-time data and displaying the results in a graphical format that is easy to understand.


So if you decide to include a hashtag in one of your posts, you’ll be able to find out how many people used it, as well as the number of shares, retweets or likes you received.

One of its best features is that it can identify the most influential users engaging with your brand.

This makes it easy to contact them, ask them to promote your content and increase your reach.

It also offers you a detailed analysis of your performance through its dashboard, so you can share it with your clients and prove the effectiveness of your campaigns.


Did you know that videos are one of the most powerful selling tools?

The time of video marketing is now.

It’s a highly persuasive method that you shouldn’t waste.

A lot of consumers decide to make a purchase after they’ve seen an enticing and well-made video.


To make creating videos easier, let me introduce you to an incredibly useful tool.

Forget about making excuses and embrace video marketing with Videolean.

This tool allows you to create promotional videos for your brand without any real knowledge of video-editing or its software.

And you don’t have to compromise on quality.

You just need to pick one of the multiple templates available, personalize your design and content, and publish your clip.

If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of learning video-editing or buying expensive editing software, Videolean is a fantastic choice.

It allows you to make the highest quality videos in a matter of minutes.


A big part of knowing what your clients want is being aware of what they’re saying, and that is precisely what Colibri takes care of.

With Colibri you can locate the conversations that are going on about your brand, product, services—even your competitors.


Colibri gathers information from diverse media, like Twitter, Facebook, blogs, reviews, and forums. Then you can access the ones that are relevant to you.

Colibri has a number of benefits.

It can keep you up to date on the best blogs, articles, and media linked to your product.

It’s a very useful tool for SEO, as it gives you the opportunity to participate in the most popular websites or blogs, at your convenience.

You can use it to engage in discussions about your competitors, offering better solutions, or just to learn from their mistakes.

And since it also allows you to contact your leads and prospects, so you can influence their final decision on purchases.


This is the artificial intelligence’s era.

That’s why so many businesses are incorporating it to their sales and marketing strategies.

With positive reviews from well-known international companies such as Google and PayPal, Adext AI is the first and only audience management as a service in the world that will provide digital advertising results superior to those of any advertising, tool or software expert the market, achieving an average improvement of +83% more conversions in just over a week (10 days).

digital marketing tools

This tool applies Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to digital advertising in order to find the best audience or demographic group for any ad, automatically managing budgets across 20 different audiences, over multiple platforms (such as Google AdWords, Facebook, and Instagram), and optimizing every single ad about 480 times each day.

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Have you ever wondered if your landing pages are effective?

Think of your landing pages as the hook that captures users’ attention and affects their purchasing decisions.

They have to be inviting, as well as coherent with what you’re offering.

Enter optimizepress, a tool for creating amazing landing pages that get you conversions.

It provides you with all the things you need to make your pages the best they can possibly be.

Optimizepress also comes with a huge number of adaptable templates you can use, just in case you don’t really know what you’re looking for.

And, you can see the adjustments the moment you apply them.

But one of the best things about optimizepress is its compatibility with all the most popular platforms, so you can use it on your mobile devices.

Now you can be part of the mobile commerce trend.


Are you a fan of email marketing?

If so, you’re going to love this tool. 

Monitoring your emails can be pretty hard work.

But thanks to Bananatag, your email marketing headaches are over.

This tool integrates into your email system, whether it’s Gmail, Outlook, Mac Mail or another.

And it notifies you every time someone opens one of your emails, so you don’t longer have to wonder what happened after you sent them out.


Believe it or not, this also applies to attachments.

Bananatag analyzes your campaigns and tells you how well they’re working, so you can change and improve the content based on those results.

Finally, if you’re interested in programming your emails to go out at specific times, you can do that with this tool, too.

As you may have noticed, there is a lot you can do with your marketing strategy thanks to this digital marketing tools.

These tools show you just a small sample of everything you could do with digital marketing and gives you a glimpse of what it’s capable of.

If you want to leave your competitors behind, try out and use these amazing digital marketing tools.

Make the most out of your budget and choose the ones that best adapt to your company’s needs.

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