Adext Is Not A Digital Marketing Agency: Here’s How It’s Different

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Digital agencies are great.

They can help you evaluate your brand’s needs…

Find out how to best develop a strategy for your online hub…

Analyze your ideal buyer’s buying journey…

And create content that helps you build brand authority.


And, yes, they’re popular for a reason—it’s more important to be online now than it’s ever been.

You see, it’s estimated that by 2019, the ad spend for Display Advertising alone will hit $45.94 billion in the USA alone.

What does that mean for your business?

It means that your competitors are probably already working hard to improve their online presence, and they’re probably using digital ads to do it.

But you may have been wondering if there’s a simpler, more cost-effective option.

And you wouldn’t be alone: there are many business owners who’d like to make the most of digital ads, but don’t want or need any of the other services a good digital agency can provide—never mind the $1,500 USD usual minimum cost of a digital marketing retainer.

Many businesses and budgets are just too small to justify that kind of payout.


And let’s face it, you may not be an expert at online advertising yet or tight on time, so doing it all yourself is not a feasible option.

If you’re nodding along here, fantastic.

Because we may have the solution for you: an alternative solution that allows you to very efficiently get local or international, qualified leads onto your website (or a lead page*) ASAP, with minimal time commitment…and then close those motivated prospects internally.

And if that sounds good, keep reading.

Because I know you’ll need to know all the facts before you make the decision regarding which solution to choose.

Here’s everything you need to know about how the latest AI online ad solution measures up against a digital agency.


1. Adext Optimizes Your Ad Campaign Faster Than Any Human Ever Could

Yes, Adext is rocking some pretty impressive AI technology.

It uses machine learning (automatic learning) and Big Data (the most immense digital media database that there is available) to find out which ad variables, trends and patterns work best for your business.

It then goes to town optimizing and updating your campaign with the winning information it identifies.


Adext also uses machine learning and intelligent algorithms to lock down that information and make decisions for you in a more effective way each time. 

What does that mean for your campaign?

It means your campaign moves up, becoming one of the most effective campaigns online, and stays that way—without you having to do much more than add your data into Adext’s system and make sure Adext can access the data stored on your website.**

It also means that your investment becomes stronger and stronger over time.


Once Adext knows which digital media are most profitable for your business and niche, it channels more of your investment into them, to boost your sales even more.

It also makes adjustments to the segmentation of your campaign, so it attracts higher quality prospects and sends them straight to you.


Know any digital marketers that hire personnel that can work 24/7 on optimizing your campaign on the internet’s main media platforms, using big data and machine learning?

Or even a tool that does?

If you do, please let us know! Because we’re pretty darn sure that Adext is the only platform that does that for you in real time.

Considering a digital agency may only spend 2-6 hours per week on your campaign, we’re very proud of this fact.


2. Adext Provides Reports DAILY

Most digital agencies create reports manually and send them out biweekly or monthly.

But Adext provides reports daily. We’ve set up a dashboard on the Adext platform that you can access from any device, any time.

All the main results and KPIs you might want to track are on there, so you can analyze them to your heart’s content whenever it’s convenient for you.

Which KPIs?

We have made sure you have access to at least the following:

  • The number of times people have clicked on your ads
  • The number of visitors that have landed on your website
  • Your CTR, or click-through rate (the number of people who’ve clicked on your ad, divided by the total number of users who’ve viewed it, expressed as a %)
  • Some useful demographic information about the people who’ve clicked on your ads
  • The types of devices users have accessed your website on
  • The level of engagement (likes and shares) you’ve achieved on social media
  • How many people you’ve converted into prospects, or the number of sales you’ve achieved to date (depending on whether you have a regular website or have an e-commerce platform on your site)


3. Adext Has Both Eyes Fixed On Your Profit Margin  

We enjoy watching our clients succeed.

And Adext is certainly focused on creating results that will make you money: lead generation and a boost in people-buying-your-stuff-in-droves goodness.

And it’s very easy to measure your ROI when you track both of these.

Mirza Andrade, a Mexican client of ours, did just that.

“I made my investment back during the first month… Annual sales have increased by 350%, and I had to take on twice as many staff members to deal with my new, improved business! I think Adext is a fantastic option for any small business,” she says.

What can I say? We’re happy that she’s happy.



4. No Hidden Or Extra Fees, And Adext Doesn’t Charge For Additional Channels

Talk quietly with an honest digital agency owner, and they’ll tell you that their fees and operational costs constitute around 10-25% of what you pay them.

Yes, up to ¼ of what you pay does nothing for you.

According to one expert, it goes on things like the agency’s rent, office equipment, management salaries, the use of freelancers, etc.

Yes, when following any sensible business model, all of the above and more should be built into your company’s margins.

But technology has made those costs unnecessary.

Let’s not even start analyzing what happens when you use an online ad tool (expect to spend $50-5,000 per month on just the subscriptions alone)!

What about Adext? There are no operational or extra fees with Adext.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, if you don’t have a website or it doesn’t meet the necessary requirements, Adext will provide you with your very own Lead Page so your prospects can land on it, and you can then contact them later to close the sale (yes, you read it right: totally free).


5. We Make Your Money Work For You: Most Of Your Investment Is Channeled Directly Into Your Ad Spend

Here’s another interesting thing: do you know what happens to your money when you sign up for a digital agency retainer?

It gets split up. Spread out, if you like.

So, some of your hard-earned capital may be going towards creative’s designs and the time they spend in meetings talking about what you’re currently doing online.

Some of it may be spent on creating social media posts, sourcing professional images, and the like.

And the rest may go on Google AdWords Remarketing, or other online ads.


While we know the high value that all this work can represent (and it really can), it could be viewed as a little inefficient when you’re simply looking to generate more qualified leads and actually converse with them.

We like to focus more on efficiency and results-based action.

AI specializes in efficiency, and Adext makes your money work harder for you by directing most of it into the ad spend, and then only investing it in the digital media that work best for your business ASAP.


6. You Can Relax And Enjoy Running Your Business

This feels like a side benefit, but it’s really what Adext is all about: doing the hard work for you.

That way, you can spend your valuable time closing customers and refining and polishing the high-quality products and services you provide.

We’ve made Adext as hands-off, automated, efficient, “set and forget” as humanly and robotically possible because we know the real value of the human, strategic skills you use to innovate and build your business every day.


So unlike when you work with a digital agency, there’ll be no meetings, no email marathons back and forth, no calls (unless you’d like to talk!), no worrying what’s going on before your report arrives.

It’ll just be you checking the progress of your campaign as often as you’d like, and concentrating on what you do best, and want to do.


 7. You Actually Strengthen Your Country’s Economy

You may already know how powerful small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are.

They literally hold the fort when it comes to your country’s economy, while larger businesses are on “do not disturb” mode.

You see, in most countries, SMBs (or SMEs) are the main employers, and they generate the most income, which then helps fortify your economy.

So when your company grows with Adext, it’s actually contributing a lot more than you might realize.

Okay, so digital agencies also help.

But how many agency’s sole mission is to support and strengthen your firm? That’s what Adext has always been about.

More on that, here.

Ready to boost your sales with a steadily-building stream of qualified leads?

Get started, here.

*Adext can help you create your very own lead page if you don’t have a website, which it will then send your qualified leads to so they can get in contact.

**Please allow a minimum of three months for Adext to optimize your campaign effectively and yield desirable results. 


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