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A New Era: Artificial Intelligence Comes to Online Advertising with Adext AI

Marketing and online advertising are no longer as they were before. We could even say that they’ve been transformed into completely different fields in the last few years.

Why? Because of the arrival of the internet. This invisible and gigantic virtual network, which works thanks to complex electronic and wireless technologies, has changed the world.

And, unfortunately, if you don’t adapt, you die.

But even though that has changed, the ultimate goal of every business remains the same: getting customers. And you know that the best way to get customers is by promoting yourself.


The good news is that with the advent of digital marketing, promoting you is easier than ever… if you know how to do it.

Because let’s face it, traditional advertising is no longer a viable option.

The consumer has changed and evolved thanks to technology, which is why advertising is now perceived in a completely different way, and the dogmas and guidelines on which marketing was founded are on the verge of extinction…

The AI: A Watershed In Digital Marketing

Due to the amount of data received and processed by digital platforms today, which is growing larger every day, keeping tabs on them is no longer a simple task.

The monstrous avalanche of information has also made things more complicated for companies who want to decipher the data so they can make decisions regarding their customers. As a result, most companies have to navigate a sea of uncertainty and invest a considerable amount of time trying to get where they want to go.


And unfortunately that time is actually wasted, because it drastically reduces their productivity and prevents them from performing more important tasks.

We know that you don’t want to be like those companies. We know that you’ve seen an opportunity to change the way you do things, and generate more value for your company using AI.

The future of marketing involves AI, and with good reason, because it’s the very definition of the future in many fields.

Why? Because AI can use multiple technologies to complete a lot of different tasks and it can work on your behalf with minimal effort. Who doesn’t want to take advantage of something like that? The idea is like a dream for most companies.


And that dream has become a reality.

IA marketing solutions are much more efficient than any other solution today because they are not based on speculation, do the work quickly, and deliver the best results.

Automatic learning, search algorithms, predictive analytics, automatic planning and data processing are just a few of the technologies involved in digital marketing with artificial intelligence.

They may seem like unpronounceable, extravagant concepts right now, but if anything is certain in this world, it’s that sooner or later they’ll be familiar to you. They are already entering your life quietly.

However, the purpose of this post is to tell you about Adext, the best digital representative you can have on your team.


In the following paragraphs, we’ll take you through how Adext works, from the moment you enter your information and it creates your campaigns, to when it perfects your campaigns and locates the best customers for your business.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Building The Perfect Robot

AI seems much more complex than it really is. Once you understand the logical method it uses to perform its tasks, it won’t seem so surreal…

You just need to choose the right type of technology and then apply it to the information you’re interested in, and the rest is then basically done for you.

So to create Adext, we meticulously studied what would work best for solving digital advertising problems.


Our initial objective, and our reason for being, is to support SMBs (small- to midsize-businesses), and offer them a tool that will make them more competitive in the global marketplace, at an affordable price.

Considering the growing problem they face—the dominance of large corporations, which have greater technical resources and a greater number of employees—we think that solving their digital advertising problems (now the best option in advertising as mentioned) would help them a lot.

We were interested in creating a system that completely automated the creation, management and optimization of digital campaigns, so that these small- and medium-level entrepreneurs wouldn’t have to deal with this laborious task and they could focus on more profitable activities.

We have even created an alternative solution for those who don’t have a website for prospects that click on their ads to land on. This solution allows Adext to create a Lead Page for them, at no additional cost so they can add key information about their product or service, and capture prospects using a contact form.

The Road Was Clear: AI Was The Answer

The advanced features of AI would help us create a world-class digital tool that not only automates these processes, but also improve their performance over time.

That’s how Adext was created, with the latest generation technologies (which we’ll talk about later), programmed with algorithms* that are capable of making investment decisions and perfecting campaign performance automatically.


To ensure its maximum effectiveness, we chose to work on the most popular internet platforms today: Google, Facebook and Instagram. And through Google AdWords, we would create Remarketing campaigns to display ads on an on-going basis to prospects and give SMBs a much more relevant and constant presence online.

*A set of operations or instructions entered into a system so that it performs a specific task.

1. Identifying Your Ideal Audience

If there’s something that can put a company in trouble, it’s not finding and connecting with their ideal audience.

And startups struggle more with this, because they have such a long list of things to organize, structure and define.

Usually, the idea is to target consumers who may be interested in a particular product or service. A company will often create a fictional “ideal consumer” based on the characteristics of the people who are most likely to acquire that product or service.


And this is a very logical way of doing it. After all, it is what has been done for a long time…

…until now.

With Adext, you don’t have to break into a sweat looking for your ideal audience. Because Adext is able to do it and in a much more precise way. And that doesn’t mean only working with well-known audiences or focusing your campaigns on the “ideal consumer,” because its 24/7 multi-channel presence allows you to constantly discover new and better audiences.

Because every time a user clicks on your ads, Adext uses your information to feed its database and find new prospects with similar characteristics or behaviors, much faster than anyone else could.


And despite working on multiple platforms at the same time, Adext retains all the information and hierarchy to get the best prospects without making human mistakes based on personal preferences or opinions.

It’s as easy as this: Adext will collect all the data you entered when configuring your campaign — taking into account what you’re looking for and aligning everything with your goals — and launch the campaign on all its channels. To do that, it’ll take your investment and divide it into equal parts between the different channels.

Then, Adext will watch and learn which audiences might benefit your business the most and which media platform or social network they’re on.

Its algorithms will start collecting information on an on-going basis in order to create budget redistribution strategies and select the most successful media platform.

2. Observing and Interpreting Your Online Advertising Results

Every company owner that tries to keep up with the best, most state-of-the-art tech today knows that they shouldn’t advertise on just one platform or use one form of media, whether digital or traditional. That would mean setting the company up for failure.

In fact, companies today often have large marketing teams, which in turn are divided into groups so they can take charge of the different internet platforms. Monitoring just one platform is a full-time job (you probably know what I mean!).


The problem of handling things in such a divided way is that all the information that comes from their experience may stay within each of those teams. In addition, it’d be very complicated to share all that information in real time in order to work in perfect harmony.

Workflows are usually slow because sharing the information is the only way around the problem if truly informed decisions are to be made. And, in spite of that, information is inevitably lost, and more importantly, efficiency goes out the window.

That will never happen with Adext. Its ability to analyze and interpret data is unprecedented. And in order to achieve this precision, it uses a secret weapon: Big Data analysis.

Big Data is a huge digital database. Adext is able to take advantage of it by searching and locating successful ad campaign patterns from around the world, comparing them with your initial results and forming a smart strategy that is successful for your business.


So what would normally be heavy, complex work, becomes a systematic and simple process for this intelligent robot.

We must take into account that this process is not immediate. It’s a process that’s completely dependent on the results Adext observes, its machine learning algorithms and data storage capabilities, which have to adapt to your goals and understand the market to get the results you need. But it is extremely efficient and fast.

That is why we always emphasize the importance of how long Adext needs to remain active. If it doesn’t get the time it needs, its algorithms won’t be able to gather the information needed to optimize your campaigns and give you just the results you need.

3. Intelligent Decision Making and Process Optimization

Having a huge amount of data at your disposal is one thing, but knowing how to use them properly is another completely different job…

That’s where the intelligence part comes into marketing: in knowing how to translate that data into intelligent decision making, in the shortest time possible, while investing the least amount of resources.

Adext doesn’t require a lot of time, nor resources (apart from its technology), to be able to do its job amazingly. Its AI is able to distinguish the valuable from the useless more accurately every time, thanks to its revolutionary Machine Learning technology.

Machine Learning is a method of data analysis that makes a computer capable of learning and improving its performance over time.

More on that: Machine Learning, A Beginners Guide.

It’s a technology that has been used repetitively with astounding results. Thanks to AI, robots have been created that can beat chess, Go and Dota 2 champions. The list of examples goes on.

Don’t miss: Dota 2 Champions Defeated By A Robot!?


To make Adext as efficient as possible, we chose a Machine Learning type known as Supervised Learning, which is based on formulas or instructions previously entered by a person or a group of people.

Once activated, Adext gets to work using these formulas to base its decision-making on. But that’s just the beginning…

As time passes, Adext learns and expands its knowledge by finding out what works for your brand and discarding everything that isn’t working, even if it has worked for business like yours before.

That’s why Adext is such an expert in personalized advertising: its actions are specific to each specific business. And the best thing is that it optimizes your campaigns from all possible angles. Because its goal is not only to get you the best audience, but to identify the channels that generate more prospects and more customers.


For example, if Adext Artificial Intelligence finds out that Facebook is the most profitable platform for your company and that’s where your most affluent audience is, it’ll redistribute your total investment proportionally so that most of it goes into Facebook (without neglecting the other platforms if they’re also working).

The biggest thing is that its learning process is continuous and allows it to detect the best ways to reach your customers, while adapting to the way they change.

4. Measuring Your Online Advertising Performance and Exploring New Possibilities

Unlike a digital marketing agency or a freelance consultant, Adext was developed while thinking about SMBs, who can’t usually afford to invest their entire ad budget in solutions that don’t guarantee results.

Adext’s purpose is to take weight of the shoulders of entrepreneurs and business people with small concerns and become their main source of potential customers, and offer them the competitiveness they need to keep up with bigger corporations.


So it’s important that you know that what you decide to invest in Adext is what it will have available to create, manage and optimize your ads, and assign it on each of the different platforms.

That means that the less you have available, the slower its learning and data collection process, so it will take longer to give you great results.

However, either way, Adext AI will work without stopping to optimize your campaigns, while identifying and focusing on your most desirable audiences. All this, without you having to move a single finger. You can simply take a look at all your results every day, at any time of the day, on any device, from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Its friendly platform allows you to navigate comfortably and access a detailed record of the performance of your campaigns. So you no longer have to wait impatiently for a digital agency to give you a periodic summary of your results.


Advertising will never be a burden again. And with Adext’s constant efforts to position your company, rest assured that you can use your time and money on more important matters.

As you’ve seen, Adext is much more than a digital tool, it’s the future of advertising. And now it’s also your best business ally to increase sales… Welcome to the new era!

Welcome to intelligent advertising!

Adext: Your advertising, solved

The First Artificial Intelligence Robot to automate ALL your Digital Ads.

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