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Adext vs. the Competition: Advertising Technology Platform Reviews

There is a lot of competition for advertising technology platforms dedicated to digital marketing automation. That’s why we are constantly adjusting our app so that we may offer you a valuable, effective and new experience.

Competition pushes everyone to give their best! That’s why we decided to talk about the PROS and CONS of Adext VS. four other great products. Here’s the information we gathered so far to help you make the best decision.

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Adext AI Review

An easy to use software powered by Artificial Intelligence that targets the best audiences at the right time. It optimizes your campaign and ads through automation.

Adext buys and optimizes ad groups and ad sets automatically using machine learning, while dynamic audiences evolve in real time.


Affordability is a strong asset for Adext, since most marketing tools are really expensive and aren’t designed for small businesses. With us you pay according to a plan and your ad spend.

Adext guarantees an uplift in your conversions or ROAS, because of the amount of real-time iteration Adext AI does. That uplift which can go from 100% to a 1000%, depending on the type of campaign you launch.

Unlike other AI tools, with Adext you don’t need any Digital Marketing experience. Just connect your Google or Facebook accounts and select your ad groups/ad sets, with no training & set-up required! (some of the above).

Adext does A/B testing like no one else. It intelligently and automatically creates 1,000 Smart Campaigns with micro demographic segments in 100 Ad Groups or Ad Sets. It will apply up to 1,000 changes per day via the prediction of 1,000,000 simulations.

Adext allows you to create unlimited Campaigns, automating changes in Facebook and Google Ads within your own accounts. Which includes bid & budget optimization, dynamic audience and audience management without human intervention, and cross-channel Transfer Learning. You can set it and forget it! Launch a campaign in just 10 minutes from anywhere in the world and in any language, with our self-service platform.

When hiring Adext you receive an analysis report, comparative clone-based tests and find audience insights. Our team is highly responsive, offering constant hands-on customer support. There’s always someone available to help you!


As a 100% an automated advertising technology tool, Adext offers personalized support but only to enterprise customers. For the rest of our customers we offer chat support.

If your campaigns have been launched for just 2 days they won’t show optimization. Since we use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning it takes time to gather data.

Acquisio Review

It’s a cloud-based digital advertisement and campaign management platform. It manages various advertisement initiatives with Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads and more.

It offers Acquisio Turing, a machine learning solution and cross-publisher campaign management. It displays all publishers in a dashboard view and campaign reporting, providing custom comparison reports.


The Bid and Budget Management (BBM) feature:

“It makes sure campaigns are always topped up, bids optimized throughout the day, and budget distributed among all available campaigns, if one is underspending and the other is overspending.”  

You have a global view of all client performance and the reporting on the platform is very versatile. It’s really easy to set up and integrate with AdWords. It also has great ability to manage campaigns and optimize. The customer service is good.


According to users, Acquisio uses Flash in some areas of their site and their screens take longer to load. Users manually changed the account settings on the platform they were using. This was because when pausing campaigns or taking them off the Bid and Budget Management feature it showed inconsistencies.

Also, the pricing model is something that creates problems since the high minimum required has a negative impact. Users waste time because accounts have to be linked every time a folder is created instead of just linking it once.

A user even mentioned they found the Google Ads interface much more friendly compared to Acquisio.

Marin Software Review

A cloud-based digital marketing platform that allows marketing professionals to administer their digital advertisements on Google, Facebook, Amazon and others.

Its main focus is aligning ad campaigns across publishers and helping in mixing search activities with a social touchpoint. It offers cross channel advertisement, aids with performance budgeting, machine learning, and AI algorithm.


As well as Adext advertising technology, Marin analyzes customers’ online behavior and ad interactions to optimize ad targeting.

Robust bidding algorithm “with an analytics team that helps build customized tools for monitoring bids.”

Campaign management tools, you save time on campaign management. Also covered when hiring Adext as well as their multiple platform management, where you manage multiple accounts on a single platform.

Excellent support, task automation, bulk changes across multiple platforms, a simple dashboard, customizable reports, and flexible dimensions.


It has shown some issues when syncing data, especially from third-party apps and some trouble uploading site links. It has a complex bidding algorithm and does require a good knowledge of how the bidding algorithm works.

It shows issues with AdWords Editor, since it doesn’t upload the information correctly. Also, there’s a slow integration of new features, as well as a complex set-up (time consuming and complicated).

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Oracle Eloqua Review

A B2B Cross-Channel Marketing solution that leads marketers to launch automated marketing campaigns and offer a personalized customer experience.

It’s part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud considered best-in-class lead management, campaign management, and sales tools. It uses the industry’s richest dataset and adaptive technologies.


It has a powerful email platform with customizable templates and easy to use pre-designed landing pages. Its Hypersite feature, displays personalized greetings based on the prospect.

It’s native CRM integration includes Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics & more. It has integrated and customizable reporting and analysis tools. It allows social media content migration with landing pages and other data apps, enabling monitoring and measurement.


It’s considered expensive for small businesses. Furthermore, it requires expert technical resources, expertise and training to integrate it seamlessly (something Adext doesn’t).

Revealbot Review

Automation of ad optimization 24/7 for Facebook Ads (Adext has this for Facebook and Google ads). It tracks ROAS, CPA, and other Facebook Pixel metrics automatically optimizing your running ads according to your customization. It will pause or boost ads, adjust budgets and bids as often every 15 minutes.

It sends alerts through email or Slack when a specific benchmark is achieved. Also they include cross-platform performance reports via email or Slack on Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Mailchimp.


According to its users, this platform is great for managing content on a social media account, like Facebook. It can handle several Facebook ads campaigns at the same time and has several options to manage Facebook advertising. It can program and automate management actions, such as programming, reporting and starting campaigns.

Users can customize the ads parameters allowing them to expect exactly what they have asked, for example eliminate underperforming ads.

It has an excellent support center and saves you time performing predefined actions without the need to monitor the dashboard.


It doesn’t have a friendly interface and you can’t choose campaigns in bulk. This takes a lot of time: selecting campaigns​ and connect them to the platform. In addition, it doesn’t deliver a report for several accounts at once.

It’s complicated to learn to use the interface and you have to rely on customer service to help you out. Users don’t know how to optimize their results since there’s a lack of tips on the platform.

Its users consider it expensive too.

Albert AI Review

It diminishes your workload and performs at a speed and scale only possible through their technology, impossible to replicate manually.


They use targeting effectively. They analyze your target audience, and create lookalikes using Facebook tools. Adext uses clones of your ad set/ ad groups. Albert updates the lookalikes of your campaigns, so that that audience will help target the real audience and achieve results.

They apply cross-channel testing and like Adext, run A/B testing so you are able to compare what works best. Through data gathering makes the best decisions, like budget allocation, real-time attribution, and find patterns in the way consumers act.


The installation of this advertising technology is a complex process and it take some time to get pass the learning curve. It requires a significant amount of consultancy and constant contact.

Also, it needs up to 20% of your marketing budget to keep on delivering results.

Since they are focused on Enterprise clients you can’t use the tool on an automatic mode.


Trapica Review

According to their website, “it’s an AI targeting optimization and marketing automation platform for social network ad campaigns.” They should underline targeting, since after researching this is the area where they really shine.


Unlike other platforms, Trapica doesn’t create lookalike audiences since it’s an execution platform. As stated in Medium:

“It uses real-time conversions within your campaign and learns your audience to then build real time profiles for this audience.”

It uses no more than 4% of your marketing budget and their autonomous marketing updates applies changes when needed.

It will adjust the bidding for your benefit, becoming more precise with time. It also applies A/B testing with your selection of creatives, to see which is the best-performing one.

Trapica analyzes the intensity of your campaign to find out if there’s more it can do to improve results. They always ask for your permission before increasing this intensity.

Their Prediction feature is dedicated to:

“learning the behavior and patterns of your existing audience, the system can use this information to find more people who will have the same interest in a product/service.”


According to some of its users, the onboarding process and support service is not great. You may have problems connecting your accounts and support service won’t get back to you until a few days later.

During a month of testing this advertising technology did not reduce their CPC and even decreased their traffic.

The same user pointed out on his review that Trapica leaves details unattended, such as typos on their website.



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