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Adext AI: Creating A World Where You Reach Your Full Creative Potential AND Effortlessly Win At Digital Advertising

Adext AI is more than an innovative concept…

We envision a world where humans can reach their full creative and strategic potential… 

A world where every business can win at online advertising thanks to the machines powerfully and diligently working on their behalf in the background.

Developing human potential is absolutely critical for our future.

Machines can’t dream, imagine, or create concepts out of thin air… But we definitely can.

Did you know that data entry and campaign configuration are the most time-consuming tasks for ad experts, and that you could be enjoying a 30 to 50% lower cost per conversion just by using the right tool?

Ironically, we’re actually pretty good at doing all the repetitive, mind-numbing, and mechanical tasks that data entry and ad campaign configuration involve…

But we believe it’s a bit sad we’re doing those things when we have so much more potential…

Today, computers can fulfill that sort of tasks better than any human. They can process much larger amounts of information in a heartbeat, without missing a single thing. 

Because humans are not meant to work like robots.

And now that the technology is available, they no longer need to. You can let a robot take over all of the campaign configuration, data entry, budget management and audience optimization tasks that have been sucking up your resources and limiting your potential.

We’re here to liberate true human potential.

Machines are taking over the thankless tasks that were, until recently, too complex to be automated, and humans are starting to immerse themselves in the most creative, strategic and rewarding aspects of their jobs. 

We built the first audience management tool that exploits AI and Machine Learning, so you can take the control back.

It’s designed to empower you and your company or agency, and let you become who you were meant to be.

That’s also why you may get bored and frustrated with repetitive tasks, because you know you can achieve so much more. And now you can. Adext AI will free up your schedule and allow you to focus on your most important dreams and goals.

It’s time to liberate true human potential and for you to grow in every aspect of your life. To have the freedom to create and develop new strategies at work. To spend more well-deserved time with your loved ones… and become the person you truly want to be.

Adext AI basically finds the best audience for any ad using machine learning.

It not only exploits existing winning campaign configurations, but also uses Audience Performance Profiling to explore new potential audiences that you would’ve probably never guessed could get you the lowest Cost per Conversion over time.

So, with the use of transfer learning, exploration in any campaign has the potential to influence the exploitation cycle of any other.

Also, it automatically manages ad budgets across 20 demographics, multiple platforms, updating the budget every hour per demographic group. This would represent more than 480 automated adjustments to every ad per day, something that can’t be done by humans.  

Our intelligent algorithms will be constantly learning, predicting and updating how your budget is invested towards the audiences that are proving to be more profitable; reporting where, how and how often budgets are being set, as well as the certainty of predictions, and the real impact on the cost per conversion.

In fact, Big Data is behind absolutely everything we do. And we have no doubt our Adext AI could become the most valuable asset of your organization.

On average, our Artificial Intelligence is increasing ads performance by 83% in just 10 days, but this percentage mainly depends on your industry and competitive landscape.

Having Adext on your team will save you lots of money and resources, yes. But it will also save you time, while providing you with the superior digital advertising results your company or agency—and its clients— deserves.

We believe Adext AI will positively affect the day to day of hundreds of teams around the world, every single day.

Adext is here to enhance your brain, the same way glasses enhance your vision. It’s not here to replace, but to facilitate and optimize, and reduce your workload.

Using Adext it’s like having a full-time group of digital ad traffickers, ad optimizers, data scientists, data analysts, Machine Learning experts, and a whole programming/DevOps team constantly training and perfecting your campaigns, without the high cost that it would imply.

We want your team to unleash its true potential so they can focus on developing amazing strategies and creative tasks.

Artificial Intelligence is not here to take your job; it’s here to give you the life you are worthy of! Whether you want to embrace it or be forgotten by staying in the past. 

Want to connect Adext’s AI into your Google AdWords and Facebook Ads accounts to experience a boost in your ads’ conversion performance?

It’ll only take 5 minutes, and then Adext will handle the rest for you. Here’s a step by step guide that will provide you useful tips and recommendations to get started.   

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Adext AI: Creating A World Where You Reach Your Full Creative Potential AND Effortlessly Win At Digital Advertising

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