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How You Can Leverage Ad Tech AI To Discover The Ideal Creative-Audience Matches For Your AdWords and Facebook Ads

If a company wants to be more agile when personalizing and optimizing its creative content, then it needs a new approach and technology to connect better with its best audience. And Ad Tech AI is the answer.

And that’s exactly what Adext AI is, an audience management as a service does: it’ll find the most converting audience for any ad on Google AdWords and/or Facebook Ads.

Adext AI also has the purpose of providing valuable data that you’ll be able to analyze, interpret and turn it into useful insights to improve the creative elements of your campaign (such as copy, slogans, images, etc.).

And it does this by taking care of all the online advertising repetitive, time-consuming and mundane tasks for you (such as audience A/B testing, budget management and audience optimization).

This way you will be able to devote more time and effort to develop more creative content, as Adext AI will be automatically managing ad budgets across 20 demographics in multiple platforms updating the budget every single hour for each demographic group. Yes! That’s 480 intelligent adjustments for every ad, every day (an ad optimization and scale that no human could ever achieve by himself).

This will not only make your advertising experience so much better, but also alter your target audience’s experience in way you could’ve never even imagines.

Our research has found that about 90% of ads are not customized or personalized in any shape or form for the viewer. 

Adext AI allows you to get valuable insights from your target market, but also lets you know about potential audiences for each ad. This will definitely change the way your team creates your current creative content and completely accelerate the modification process for the copy, images, videos, slogans and value propositions alike…

So, your ads will speak to and resonate better with the audiences that provide the Highest Sustained Conversion Rate.

Once you’ve let Adext AI run long enough, it will also become really sensitive to your creative content. So, he more creative variations an ad has, the better your results will be in the long run.

Having ad performance and creative iteration at scale isn’t just a dream anymore… Adext AI takes care of the former, while you’re in charge of the latter. 

The 3 Main Advantages Of Personalizing Your Ad Creative

So, in summary, here’s a quick list of the benefits that personalizing your ad creatives  according to Adext AI insights will provide you:

  • Increase sales: Better ad experience targeting leads to higher relevance to the consumer and greater likelihood of starting a customer relationship. Better testing enables brands to find the optimal ad experience to run for target customers that are providing the highest sustained conversion rate.
  • Lower cost per conversion: Deploying such people-based testing, instead of random test designs, delivers a more personalized and relevant message to the customer, which, at the same, contributes to an increase in the conversion rate of the current ads.
  • Lower Cost and Time: Spend less time on A/B testing audiences, managing budgets and optimizing campaigns on multiple platforms, and spend more time on improving your creative strategy and doing more original designs instead.

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Here’s an example of how you can use Adext Ad Tech AI to improve your current creatives, create new ones for potential audiences, and elaborate new creative hypotheses to test  

If you aren’t a currently customer of Adext, you first may want to take a look at this detailed guide that explains how to get started with the platform (which is basically a 5-minute process).

When you log into the Adext Dashboard and click any experiment card that’s in the “My experiments” section, you’ll see your experiment’s main KPIs.

Scroll down to the section “Budget per demographic” where you can see which are the highest, average, and lowest budgets that were assigned to each demographic group by Adext AI’ Machine Learning (ML) model.

To start with this creative iteration process, first look at potential opportunities by looking specifically into the “Average column” and sorting results from the highest to the lowest budget.

As you may expect, our ML model assigns more budget to the demographic groups that are providing the highest sustained conversion rate and, at the same time, the lowest cost per conversion. So, the demographic segments (device, age, and gender) with the higher average assigned budgets are actually the ones that are having the best results in terms of conversions. 

So, here you can find out if your main target audience is responding well to the ads.

And you may even discover new potential audiences that you might not have considered before but that are providing great results! 

See the following example:

But, what can you learn from this “Budget per demographic” sample table?

Easy! Let’s take the example of a brand that sells skin care products for women through an e-commerce platform.

This brand considers their target market to be “young & modern women from ages 18 to 34.”

So, these results tell us that their creative content is working fine for their main audience.

But here comes Adext AI!

And guess what? They never thought that their products could be so popular among mature women (ages 45-54), but soon they see that this age bracket has a higher budget assigned than their 18-24 one (which means that is converting better). So there you go, a new potential market!

So, if they want to earn more revenue from this potential age group, they would need to address this opportunity by customizing their ads to be more compelling to women aged 45 to 54 (by possibly including pictures of women from this age range in the ads so that they can better identify with them). 

They could also make a new creative hypothesis and develop new creative content for their main target market to see if those new ads are getting better results than the original ones. And, according to the feedback they get from that test, they’ll learn what better resonates with their target audience and elaborate more on that, or maybe keep it the same. 

And there may even be another opportunity there…

Imagine they aimed 100% of their copy and images at women, but a fifth of their audience is male.

Now, if they would only consider making more ad creative content that was appealing to men by using copies like “She’s always doing her best for everyone, it’s time to give her the gift she deserves” with a picture of a husband giving the skin-care product gift to his wife.

Maybe if they created highly personalized ads for this group, men would become their main buyer… Incredible! Isn’t it?

So, as you can see, there’s just so much you can learn and improve on just by having Adext Ad tech AI insights on your side.

Personalizing creative content to better relate to your audience is not only becoming a competitive advantage, but also a MUST if you want to keep increasing the conversion rate of your ads.

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So don’t keep on working like a robot, when you can hire one instead and become the creative and strategic genius you were meant to be

It’s time to let Adext’s Artificial Intelligence increase your Facebook and AdWords ad conversion rate, while you make more and better creative content!

Connecting Adext’s AI to your Google AdWords and Facebook Ads accounts will only take 5 minutes.

Just follow the steps of this guide and start using Adext Ad tech AI today, risk-free (oh! and by the way, our free trial will only be available for a limited time). 

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