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A Christmas Tale: The Gift Of Absolute Faith

The family had gathered around, and it was Joe’s turn to give Sam a gift. A gift that he would never forget…

A gift that symbolized the faith a father has in his son.

“Son, I am very proud that you’ve opened your own business. I believe in your new business and that’s why I want to give you this gift”, Joe said as he took out a small red box with a golden bow.


Sam, his son, got up from the sofa and approached him.

No one could take their eyes off the box, wanting to know what it was. “What kind of gift could help a business grow?” Wondered the other members of the family.

Sam warmly shook his father’s hand and took the little red box carefully in his hands. He prepared himself before opening it.

“Open it, open it!” Everyone exclaimed.

Sam removed the golden bow and placed it on the nearest glass table. He removed the ribbon and lifted the lid of the box to see what was inside.

There was just a piece of paper inside, folded twice. Nothing else.


Sam took this unusual gift out of the box and showed it to everyone.

“Is it a letter? Can you read it aloud?” They asked.

Sam unfolded the sheet of paper and saw that it was some sort of receipt with an annual subscription to something. He didn’t know how to explain what it was to the family, because he didn’t understand it. “Thanks, Dad, but… could you explain what is this?” He asked, chuckling, nervously.

Joe came over and said: “In your hands, you have a gift that will give your company exposure and positioning. With this, you’ll impact and attract prospects all year long. I want the full potential of your business to shine through this year. And you’ll need more customers and more sales for that to happen. Now you’ll have them, Son. ”

Sam smiled broadly and looked at the piece of paper more closely, wanting to know more and find out what kind of person, product or service could help him so much. And it was then that he read the word “Adext“.


…The following Christmas, Sam gave his father a gift very similar to the one he’d received the year before, and put it in a red box that was the same size, with a golden bow.

It brought the funny situation back once again for everyone.

His father, surprised, took the gift in his hands. He opened it and peered into the box, where there was another sheet of paper, folded twice. Nothing else.


Joe unfolded it and read to himself what was written on it. When he was done, he looked up at Sam, who began to say a few words:

“Thanks, Dad. Thank you, because last Christmas you showed me that you believed in me. You invested in my business. And thanks to that investment, it fills me with happiness today that you’re reading that list, which includes all the things my company has achieved over the last 12 months. Starting out is difficult for any entrepreneur, but having a digital tool that brings potential customers to you on its own has made this year so much easier for me and, as you can see, a true success…”

His father approached him warmly, whispering in his ear, “That’s my son!”


Would you like a gift like that this Christmas?


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