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Facebook Ads Manager: 3 Powerful Reasons Why Companies Shouldn’t Sleep on this

Facebook Ads Manager is one of the most talked about tools in the digital marketing sphere; however, only a handful of company managers take full advantage of its measuring virtues.

Before diving into the 3 important facts about Facebook Ads Manager, it is essential to clear out a few common Internet myths about Facebook Ads Manager, that have been rotating online for a while.

The first, & probably the most crucial myth to break about Facebook Ads Manager, is that it is not a reliable measurement source for social media stats. It is true that sometimes impression numbers & engagement ones seem to be far apart; however, it is pivotal to remember that any ad, whether online or on traditional media, needs to be shown before a considerable audience, on heavy rotation, before engagement numbers start surging. Therefore, one cannot expect to see results on Facebook Ads Manager after having rotated their ad once or twice, before giving it up.

Facebook Ads Manager is a tool designed to walk you through the conception, creation & proper publication of online ads; nonetheless, professional assistance is always suggested as algorithms are often updated.

There is no such thing as a successful campaign without anticipation of all the variables & professional planning, because as good a tool as Facebook Ads Manager is, it won’t work miracles if it isn’t operated properly. That said, the 3 reasons why companies shouldn’t sleep on Facebook Ads Manager when promoting a service or product are:

1. Facebook Ads Manager is an all-inclusive experience

As mentioned previously, since the launch of its beta version early this decade, Facebook Ads Manager has granted companies and individuals the possibility of creating, managing, & editing ads using only one platform. It has also allowed them to view & analyze precise results grouped in ways that make it easy for users to pin point plausible adjustments to their ad, in order to get bigger results with a lesser budget.

According to Gary Henderson of Digital Marketing Org, this all-inclusive experience also allows Facebook Ads Manager users to choose & further analyze their demographics: their tastes, interests, needs, wants & of course overall engagement with an ad, an ads group or a similar group of ads. Their ads creation tool allows users to design in a step by step manner that includes different formatting choices.

Furthermore, their up-to-date data is always available via the Facebook Ads Manager app & notifications can also be turned on to receive scheduled reports at any given time; PDF breakdowns are also available for further company measurements.

2. 91% of company marketing camps are investing on Facebook Ads Manager

2016 statics show that 1.4 billion people tune into Facebook everyday for an estimate two hours a day. 2019 stats, however, show that of that 1.4 billion, over half a billion open their Facebook apps every hour to scroll around in search of different interests & for the next “big thing” to pop-up.

The next big thing could be a new sales advert, a product launch, & in rare cases, news from people they’ve befriended. That’s right, only less than 25% of the people who tuned into Facebook every hour in 2016 tuned in to read news about their friends; which means Facebook is slowly, but surely turning into a new form of entertainment service more than a social platform designed to keep people connected with friends.

Even more astonishing though, is the fact that, while in 2016 those 1.4 billion people spent a combined 50 minutes to 2 hours a day on Facebook, Facebook Messenger & Instagram, in 2019 Instagram alone is reported to take up to 2 hours of people’s time.

Additionally, that same report showed that 91% of registered marketers worldwide invested in Facebook Ads Manager for their products, meaning that, if 91% of marketers invested in Facebook Ads in 2016, the 2019 cense has to be close to the 100% mark.

The one thing that needs to be understood is that as social media becomes a regular & pivotal part of life, Facebook & Instagram attention levels increase too. Therefore, not joining that party can mean commercial suicide. New generations aren’t reading the paper or watching T.V. Reading levels have decreased remarkably in the past five years. Video is killing the paper star & Facebook Ads Manager is here to help companies take a leap, even if it looks intimidating at first.

3. Once performance is understood, optimization takes place

As mentioned earlier, Facebook Ads Manager is an inclusive experience. However, bundling all its features into one app can make the whole thing a little frightening & confusing for first time users. However, it is publicly known & acknowledged, that once under it’s skin, the ads manager will provide. Some digital media experts even consider the name Ads Manager to be a bit out there as it doesn’t encompass its creation, segmentation & optimization virtues properly. Nonetheless, once performance charts are understood by users, strategy sharpening will flow naturally.

Stats can be hard to read, but they’re not impossible. However, one should be reminded the seriousness of a company is defined by the seriousness & professionalism of its talent, therefore, the strategy making, the optimization & even the administration of the Ads Manager, should at all times be handled by digital marketing professionals that are aware of the aforementioned daily changes, updates & digital sphere trends.

It is a proven fact that professional handling is the gateway to the skipping of missteps, but most importantly, it is the gateway to outreach; and as everything else in commerce, the use of artificial intelligence must be treated with due diligence in order to meet one’s expectations.


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